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Do you know how you're going to tell DH?????

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  • We have redecorated K's bedroom and playroom (which is the 3rd bedroom) this year. DH kept saying "I can't believe we are doing this when we'll have to turn it back into a nursery soon". I was thinking of giving him a little photo album with a picture of K' old nursery with a date, his current room with today's date, and my dream nursery with the date 9-10-11 on it. Yes, that's the due date! He doesn't come home until 9 tonight! Eek! The secret's killing me. K and I just went to lunch with my mom and it was so hard not to tell her!
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  • That is so sweet! I can't wait to hear about his reaction. That's awesome that your due date is 9-10-11.
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