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  • 1.  Becky

    2.  DH is Matt and DD is Hailey, DD #2 will be Joslyn

    3.  I'm a teller at a credit union and DH is a police officer

    4.  Survivor, Good Wife, Real Housewives ha ha

    5.  Random crafting, reading a LOT, being a mom

  • I'm new also so looks like I better get in on the action! :) 

    1. Erin

    2. DHTB: Tyson, My 1st LO: on the way, due in July 2011,  My "Step" LO: Eli (3yrs)


    3. I have my BA in Psychology and work in mental health in an inpatient psych unit at a local hospital and I start an accellerated 16 month BSN nursing program in January 2011 (finishing prerequisite courses now).

    4. I actually don't watch much TV anymore other than football (GO COLTS!). I love Friends, Sex in the City, House Hunters, most HGTV programs. Any other TV I watch is DH induced... Always Sunny in Philidelphia, American Chopper, Family Guy, Arrested Development.

    5. What are hobbies?! School has taken over! LOL Decorating, window shopping/browsing, hanging out with family/friends, playing cards... and now, mostly anything baby!

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