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Getting to know you poll

Since I'm new to the board, I thought it'd be nice to get to know you all better...

1. Name?

2. DH/LO(s)? (picture if you have one!)

3. Job? SAHM? 

4. Favorite TV shows (inspired by Kathy's Glee posts)

5. Hobbies?


Re: Getting to know you poll

  • 1. Beth

    2. DH is Drew; 1st LO is on the way due sometime in July

    3. I'm an engineer, work full time

    4. Glee, Food Network, Vampire Diaries

    5. Cooking, piano, reading

  • 1. Chantelle

    2. DH is Matt....LO is a secret til arrival in April

    3. RN - though currently SAHW due to tough beginning of pregnancy.  I miss work!

    4. Glee, Grey's Anatomy, How I Met your mother

    5. Does sleeping count?  Umm....reading.

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  • 1. Jamie

    2. DH - Phillip; no LOs yet - we're going to start actively TTC next cycle

    3. Dentist

    4. Glee, Top Chef, Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother

    5. Reading, Decorating/DIY, Cooking/Blogging

  • 1. Name?  Misti

    2. DH/LO(s)? (picture if you have one!)  Bryan and I have 3 daughters.  Ali is 18, Ashli is 13 and Elizabeth is 16 months old.  Guess which one was the surprise.  :)  See siggy for picture of her.

    3. Job? SAHM? SAHM

    4. Favorite TV shows (inspired by Kathy's Glee posts) Greys Anatamy, Private Practice, Modern Family adn Food Network

    5. Hobbies?  I like to read and right now I am really enjoying play dates with Elli.  Anything to have other adults to talk to and get out of the house for a while.

  • 1.  Laura
    2.  Jason (DH) and Luke (9 month old - see siggy)
    3.  I've been with a technology consulting company for about 9 years - I do a little of everything here.  I'm also an independent consultant for Thirty One Gifts
    4.  Glee, Sons of Anarchy, Modern Family
    5.  I love to craft (any kind), read, and occasionally get into a cooking phase.
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  • 1.  Denice

    2.  DH - Jeremy, DS - Alexander, almost 16 months.  Pic in siggy

    3.  Occupational Therapist but currently SAHM

    4.  Project Runway, Top Chef, Glee

    5.  Cooking, travel 

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  • 1. Andrea

    2. Manda= Matt and Andrea, LOs are Jake 20 months and Lauren, 1 month

    3. Computer analyst

    4. Anything on the food network, The Good Wife is one of my favorite shows ever, Gray's, the Bachelor, and just about anything/everything on Bravo

    5. Scrapbooking, running/working out, finding good clothing deals

  • I'm Jill

    DH is Jason and LO is Nick

    I work in the Finance group for a bank.

    Big fan of The Good Wife, Parenthood, Grey's and Private Practice

    Is it bad the the first hobby I thought of was shopping?  Mostly for home stuff now as we decorate our new house.

  • imagemanda429:

    4. and just about anything/everything on Bravo

    I really should have just said that too.  LOL 

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  • 1. Name?  Laura

    2. DH/LO(s)? (picture if you have one!) DH - Ryan, LO - Tyson, 18 months.  Baby #2 due in May.

    3. Job? SAHM?  I'm a family law attorney.

    4. Favorite TV shows (inspired by Kathy's Glee posts)  Modern Family, Parenthood, Glee

    5. Hobbies? photography, home decorating

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  • 1. Jacquie

    2. DH = Abe DS = Grady

    my boys:

    3. SAH/WAHM - freelance photographer

    4. Shamefully, we watch quite a lot. Grey's, Private Practice, Glee, Modern Family, Raising Hope and several others are among my favorites. Thank goodness for DVR.

    5. Photography, knitting on occasion, used to read but who has the time?
  • 1. Carrie

    2. DH is Kyle and LO is Evelyn...she's almost 28 months.  Picture in siggy.

    3. I'm a lobbyist (and not at all evil despite what you hear!).

    4. Glee, Modern Family, Top Chef, 30 Rock, Grey's Anatomy

    5. Cooking, reading, wine & going to wineries and someday soon I hope to add sewing to the list.

  • 1. Kathy

    2. My DH's name is Ryan, and my LO's name is Andrew. Here we are:


    3. Recently quit my engineering job - I am a SAHM now. 

    4. hahahaha thanks! Glee!!

    5. Photography, crafts, I also love to go on walks


  • 1. Name? Sara

    2. DH/LO(s)? (picture if you have one!)

    DH-Tom, SS-Tommy, pregnant with a boy; name-TBD

    3. Job? SAHM? E-commerce Communications Specialist (I answer e-mail all day.)

    4. Favorite TV shows: Grey's, Glee, Real Housewives of anything, Survivor, DWTS, The Amazing Race

    5. Hobbies? Reading, cooking/baking, going to wineries/wine tastings (pre-preg)

  • 1. Name?  Sandra

    2. DH/LO(s)?   (picture if you have one!)

    Jack/Sam (10 days old) - pic of Sam in my siggy

    3. Job? SAHM?  SAHM

    4. Favorite TV shows (inspired by Kathy's Glee posts) Gray's Anatomy, Detroit 187, Law and Order...any crime drama.

    5. Hobbies?  I really don't have any!  I like to read and watch a lot of tv although since Sam was born, I don't do much except sleep when he's sleeping and feed and rock him.  :-)

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  • I forgot "The Good Wife".  I love that show.   The whole cast is excellent and I especially love seeing Mr. Big back on TV.  :)
  • 1.  Lynn

    2.  DH is Jeff and I have an 18mth son named Baylor


    3.  I was in sales but now I am a SAHM

    4.  All Bravo, HGTV, Modern Family, Glee, A Good Wife

    5.  Reading (but don't get the chance to read for enjoyment as much anymore), Shopping, craft/house projects

  • Lauren & Brian


    We both work full time at a university.

    Oh man, I have too many favorite shows to name. We have at least one every night.

    No hobbies! I'm lame.

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  • Welcome to the board.  It is fun out here and the ladies with and without babies are all very nice and very knowledgeable on many different topics.

    1. Name?  Sue

    2. DH/LO(s)? human babies at this time (see signature, but 4 legged one named Smoke who a 3 yr. weim. and SPOILED.

    3. Job? SAHW

    4. Favorite TV shows? Life as I Know It, Grey's, Private Practice, Bill & Guiliana, Modern Family, In the Middle.

    5. Hobbies? reading, cooking, playing on facebook, crosswords.


  • 1. Name? 

    2. DH/LO(s)? (picture if you have one!)
    Jake and Olivia (15mo, today actually!)

    She looks thrilled in this picture...

    3. Job? SAHM?
    I work for IU

    4. Favorite TV shows (inspired by Kathy's Glee posts)
    Shesh - I have faaar too many.  Glee, Boardwalk Empire, Big Love, Modern Family, Guiliana & Bill, Brothers & Sisters, Amazing Race, Hellcats (yes), Grey's, Private Practice, plus a dozen more that I'm forgetting.

    5. Hobbies?
    Apparently watching tv.  And shopping.  I'm well rounded like that.  I do love to read and used to love to craft before I ran out of free time.

  • 1.  Missy (or Melissa)

    2.  See siggy.  Haley is almost 3 and Ashlyn is almost 6 months.

    3.  I am a Research Coordinator.

    4.  LOVE Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.  DH and I watch Modern Family every week and it's hands down our favorite to watch together.

    5.  Read (don't do much of that these days), love watching IU basketball and Colts football

  • 1. Whitney

    2. Husband Chris, daughter Jocelyn (picture in sig), baby boy due in February

    3. Physician

    4. Football, IU basketball, Conan

    5. If I had time, I would enjoy travelling. I love live music. Hiking, backpacking. Home improvement.


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  • 1. Jocelyn

    2. image

    3. HS English teacher & campus minister at an all-girls' high school

    4. ModFam, 30 Rock, lots of TLC/Food Network when I'm somewhere I can watch it (we don't have cable)

    5. Baking, working out when I have time, coffee shops, dancing (ballet trained but I love all forms of dance)

  • 1. Ashley

    2. DH Michael, no LOs yet. 

    3. full time engineer

    4. Modern Family, Glee, Office

    5. decorating, reading, working out, bubble baths, getting good deals :) 

    Michael & Ashley . 9.19.2008 .

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  • 1. Name? Abby

    2. DH/LO(s)? (picture if you have one!) Gary, LO in June

    3. Job? SAHM? Judicial clerk/lawyer

    4. Favorite TV shows (inspired by Kathy's Glee posts) Grey's, Modern Family, Community, Glee, Fringe, Smallville, the list goes on...

    5. Hobbies? I am a TV junkie, reading, window shopping

  • 1) Cynthia

    2) DH is Cole, DD is Alexis "Lexi".

    3) I'm a mostly SAHM, but I work supplemental shifts in an ER as a Physician Assistant.

    4) Don't really have a favorite right now but I generally like reality shows.

    5) shopping, shopping, and more shopping. Often times I like to research before I buy though.

  • 1. Name?


    2. DH/LO(s)? (picture if you have one!)


     Dh is Micah and DD is Gracie.

    3. Job? SAHM? 

    Full time SAHM, but work part time as a 911 Dispatcher.

    4. Favorite TV shows (inspired by Kathy's Glee posts)

    Just got done with Top Chef, just desserts. Just started watching Sarah Palin's new show. Not much of a huge tv person besides the Disney Channel with Gracie. I am ready for the abc family 25days of Christmas!

    5. Hobbies?

    Cooking, Baking, vacation planning, scrapbooking(when I have the time, which has been a very long time), and reading.

    ~Micah and Danae 6-17-06~
    ~GRACIE JEAN 7-5-08~

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  • 1. Kari

    2. Getting married to Todd in 9 days.  Josie is almost 4 months (see siggy).  She was a total surprise, but now we couldn't imagine it any other way.

    3. Chemistry teacher.

    4. Brothers & Sisters, weeds, the big c, glee, grey's anatomy, and my guilty pleasure, the young & the restless.

    5. photography & videography (my dad has a wedding video business), zumba, finding deals/couponing, and traveling.

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  • 1. Stevi

    2. DH-Randy,LO-Blake 6 months (not smart enough to put a pic on here yet!)

    3. Im a CSR for Clarian

    4. 16 and Pregnant(Im addicted!),Glee and I work evenings so whatever I can watch at work!

    5. Reading,shopping and I know it sounds cliche but just hanging out with my boys!

  • imageirishbeffo:

    1. Name? Christie

    2. DH/LO(s)?  Jason and Claire


    3. Job? SAHM? Middle School Orchestra Director

    4. Favorite TV shows (inspired by Kathy's Glee posts) the Office, Community, Dexter, Weeds, the Middle

    5. Hobbies?  Photography, reading, scrapbooking

  • 1. Sarah

    2. DH-Scott.  LO#1 Evelyn (Evie) 16 months next week LO#2 Eleanor (Nora) 3 weeks on Saturday (see siggy for picture)

    3. I am the lobbyist for the BMV

    4. I love crime dramas CSI:NY is my favorite bc I think my DH looks like a younger Gary Sinise.

    5. Back in the day when I had time for hobbies I liked to hike and do lots of outdoors stuff.  I can't wait to get back into that this summer when the girls are a little older.

  • 1. Bree

    2. Ryan and Madelyn (picture below)

    3. kindergarten teacher

    4. Amazing Race, Modern Family, The Bachelor, Dateline, 20/20

    5. knitting, crafting, and playing tennis (although I haven't since having Mady)

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  • 1. Name?


    2. DH/LO(s)? (picture if you have one!)

    FI is kids yet. And I don't have an pics of us on this computer.

    3. Job? SAHM? 

    I work in accounts payable.

    4. Favorite TV shows (inspired by Kathy's Glee posts)

    The Office, 30 Rock, Top Chef...but we got rid of cable since it was costing so much so now I must go without Top Chef :( Same goes for Dexter and Weeds.

    5. Hobbies?

    Reading (but I've been slacking), cooking.

  • 1. Heather

    2. DH-Clint, LO-Isabella

    3. Just started working part-time as an academic advisor, was previously a SAHM

    4. Glee, Greys, Private Practice, Modern Family, Parenthood.  I also enjoy some trash tv.

    5. making lists/organizing ideas (I'm serious), cooking and baking, decorating/home improvement, reading is nice but doesn't happen

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  • 1.  Mary Beth

    2.  DH (Nate) and I have been married for a little over 3 years now.  We have a 2yo son named Evan, and we're TTC #2.

    3.  Part-time NICU nurse.  I'm also in the family nurse practitioner program, and I'm scheduled to graduate in May 2012.

    4.  Dexter, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Weeds, Blue Bloods, Army Wives, Guiliana & Bill.

    5.  Running, shopping, traveling, spending time with family/friends.

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    TTC #2 since 9/09 --- mild PCOS; Endometriosis
    IUI x4 = BFN
    IVF = sometime in 2012
  • 1. Libby

    2. Ben and Eloise (in siggy)

    3. remediation "tutor" (although I somehow tutor a class full at a time) at a middle school 

    4. How I Met Your Mother, House, Parenthood, The Middle, Modern Family, Grey's Anatomy, Community, and The Office are the ones we DVR every week. We're like a week and a half behind at the moment, though. Other than that, randomly I'll watch HGTV and TLC. I also watch Teen Mom when it's on.

    5. Cooking, reading, coming up with craft ideas and not ever actually completing anything. 

  • 1.  Valerie

    2. Blaine/Lily

    3.  I just went back to work on Monday after 2 years a  SAHM.  I do front office at a dental office.

    4.  We are TV junkies, 1-3 things record on a daily basis.

    5.  I like crafting. 

  • 1. Sarah

    2. DH is Jeremy. Jalen and Landon are 18 mos and Jordan is my 8 y/o SS.

    3. Work in hospitality

    4. I have so many! Glee, Hellcats, Top Model, Teen Mom, Project Runway, amazing Race, Parenthood, Life Unexpected...I can go on and on. :-)

    5. Just going to play groups and talking to other moms.

  • 1. Name?


    2. DH/LO(s)? (picture if you have one!)

    DH is Anthony/Tony.  See siggy for pic. 

    3. Job? SAHM? 

    Missionary Recruiter and wedding planner

    4. Favorite TV shows (inspired by Kathy's Glee posts)

    Glee, Bones, Chuck, Amazing Race, My Generation

    5. Hobbies?

    Wedding planning and all things related to that.  Baking.  Reading.  Watching movies.  Laughing.  Board games.

  • 1. Name?


    2. DH/LO(s)? (picture if you have one!)

    Chris, Aidan and Nugget

    3. Job? SAHM? 

    I work for a moving company in the military department

    4. Favorite TV shows (inspired by Kathy's Glee posts)

    I have way too many, right now it's Chuck

    5. Hobbies?

    I like to cross stitch

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