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Postpartum Depression

Is Zoloft hurting my BM supply?

I posted about this before but wanted to see if there are other opinions.  I started taking Zoloft 50mg almost at the same time I went back to work two weeks ago and my bm supply is dwindling.  I had an oversupply before and I understand that around 3 months the body adjusts to what LO actually needs but I can't help but think that Zoloft is contributing to the decrease.  

Has anyone experienced this with Zoloft?  I used to get 3 oz at least from my superboob (2 on the lazy one) but now I'm lucky if I get a 2.5.  I pump every 3 hours or so at work.  I'm going to try pumping every 2 hours instead and pump at home after LO sleeps to see if I can increase my supply.  Also, I'll look into getting supplements because I really would like to stay on Zoloft a little longer.  

I'd love to hear your experiences.


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Re: Is Zoloft hurting my BM supply?

  • I can't answer your question, as I wasn't on my Zoloft while I was BFing.  My PPD didn't hit until after I weaned.  But, I wanted to offer my support.  My supply took a huge hit when I returned to work.  It was awful.  I drank Mothers Milk tea like crazy, took Fenugreek and something else that I can't remember the name of right now.  I didn't do too terribly bad.  I was able to BF for 6 months.  Seeing as how I had to return to work at 7 weeks, I consider that a success.  I would call your Dr and ask what you can do.  It can't hurt to ask.  GL
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  • imagejaime5121:
    My supply took a huge hit when I returned to work.  It was awful.  I drank Mothers Milk tea like crazy, took Fenugreek GL

    This. My milk supply took a hit when I went back to work.  Fenugreek worked like a charm for a day, but eating more calories and taking deep breaths to relax gave me more let-downs eventually brought the production back up.  I started Zoloft a couple months later and didn't notice a change in production.  Though I did finally lose the last few pounds of baby weight right away!!  But that's probably because the Zoloft calmed me down and I stopped eating for comfort - lol.  

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  • I didn't have any issues when I started Zoloft and later Lexapro. I did have a serious supply decrease when I returned to work though. I never responded well to the pump. 
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  • I was on Zoloft until I got PG again (2U2 for a PPD lady...I must be nuts!) and had EBF until DS was 4 mo, then half BF until 8 mo and I never saw a supply drop that I would have attributed to the Zoloft. I used to pump at 1am every night so DS could get a bottle of BM if needed (not that he took a bottle for several months) and around 3 mo I had the same issues - including a way less super superboob, and I also had oversupply at one point.
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  • Concerns about Zoloft and pregnancy is best to discuss with your doctor. Pregnant women should be extra-careful in taking medications particularly antidepressants like Zoloft. The drug has been implicated of causing serious side effects like birth defects to infants.
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