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DH freaked out yesterday

After yesterday's scare to L&D, DH freaked out.  All he kept telling the nurses was that "we don't have names or cribs yet!  they can't come out!"  LOL

So, today after we left the doctor's office, we passed by a lumber store and purchased the wainscotting for their room.  He had already painted the top half a couple of wks ago.  And after he left me at work, he went off to La Ideal and found cribs/dresser in stock we both liked and placed a deposit on it.  I'm going tonight to give my final opinion... and if I like it, we'll finalize pmt today... and delivery would be set for Saturday!

That means that by Saturday we would have gone from a room still set up as a guest room to a full on nursery!  : )  And SIL told me about someone she knows selling a glider set (one we want) in AMAZING condition... we'll prob see that on Saturday too.

Yeah for getting things resolved!  Thanks for letting me share.  : )

-- Jackie
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Re: DH freaked out yesterday

  • lol at your DH Stick out tongue

    Yay for him going and and making moves as a daddy. 2 Thumbs Up! Hope you both finalize on your decision and that you get your glider as well. Soon that nursery will be all complete and waiting for your baby boys. Hope everything works out and that you start to feel a little better.

  • It must have been a reality check! glad things are falling into place!
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  • I wondered how he handled yesterday! I'm sure it was very scary for him. Hooray for him getting things done. How exciting. :)
  • GLad everything is coming along.

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  • LMAO at your husband!! :)

    Well if you have the nursery by Sat then you better work on those names Sunday Stick out tongue hee hee


    LMAO at your husband!! :)

    Well if you have the nursery by Sat then you better work on those names Sunday Stick out tongue hee hee

    LOL This!

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  • didnt know you were in hospital...hope everything is ok!
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  • That's great news, Jackie!

    The only thing still pending for us is the ceiling fan.  It's so hard to find one we like.  We finally chose one last week and purchased it.  But, when DH opened the box, he had an "Ikea episode" and just left it, lol.  He just cursed at how many pieces there were to put together.  But, hopefully, he'll get it done this weekend while I'm at a baby shower.  That's what he did with the crib and surprised me with it. 

    Other than that, my hospital bag is about half-packed.  I have a hesitancy to finish packing it b/c it gives me that "this is it" anxious feeling, lol. 

    GL with the nursery this weekend!!!

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