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Has anyone done a 3d/4d ultrasound (not at the dr.'s office)?

DH and I would like to do an ultrasound session at one of those 3d/4d places and we are looking for some recommendations.  I found a place online, but know nothing about them.  Thanks ladies!

Re: Has anyone done a 3d/4d ultrasound (not at the dr.'s office)?

  • yes, storkvision in chandler is awesome!  we had so much fun with it we went in a second time when grandma was in town!
  • We used prenatal peek and it was great.  My OB does his own also, so we had 2.  My OB did say to be careful where you go.  He told me u/s isn't risk free.  A study done recently said that an u/s gives the same loud sound equivalent in decibel levels to a subway train pulling in to a station.

    You also don't want them to  focus too long on one area.  And the higher the resolution, the louder the u/s is for the baby.He said just like standing in front of a bass speaker, the baby can potentially feel the sound waves.



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  • Just had one today at fetal and womens center in scottsdale - great experience
  • We used Peek of You in Chandler for both of our kids, loved it!! They had a great special on their website when we went for #2 about a month ago.  They have changed ownership from when we went the first time to the 2nd time and we had a much better experience.  The u/s tech was funny, friendly, and excited.
  • Try Miracle View!!  They make you feel really comfortable and it's SO fun to see your baby-to-be :)


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