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If you've had an HSG, please come in

I had an ectopic pregnancy in April.  My doctor did surgery and ended up removing my tube, along with the pregnancy.  She was able to look at my other tube during the surgery and she determined that it was clear and free of any scarring or endometriosis.  We just started trying again this month. Her plan is if I'm not pregnant in six months, she will be then do an HSG.  

I don't want to be an alarmist, but I kind of feel like I should have the HSG done now, rather than wait the six months.  Did any of you try for awhile and then have the HSG done or have it done right away?  I'm just looking for any advice or other experiences.  Thank you!

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Re: If you've had an HSG, please come in

  • My RE lined up the SA, the HSG and all bloodwork, ultra sound and urine samples right after our first appointment.  She wanted a full picture of what we were dealing with and I completely agreed.
  • I had my HSG after my 2nd m/c. Neither of mine were ectopic. So I'm not sure if that usually triggers a faster route to HSG or not. 
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  • I had the HSG done once we had been trying for 13 months with no success.

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  • image SweetieD21:
    I had the HSG done once we had been trying for 13 months with no success.

    This.  It was 2 months after I first went to the RE.

  • I started TTC with my RE, not OB so the first thing we did was run bloodwork, SA and HSG before he would even discuss treatment options.
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  • My Dr wants to do 3 cycles with Clomid before doing an HSG as I have had a c/p and my insurance doesn't cover it.
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  • I had mine done after 12 months of TTC.
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  • Hi!  I haven't introduced myself on this board, but I had the same surgery earlier this month.  My doctor is recommending an HSG, but I think this is because they found a few large fibroids as well.  They also said that both of my tubes looked clear and healthy - except for th ectopic pregnancy.  The remaining tube should be OK.

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  • My GYN did a HSG after 11 month of timed intercourse and also ordered a SA
  • Originally my doctor said that I had to do the HSG before starting clomid, but she changed her mind at the last second and allowed me to complete 4 rounds before having the test done.  It ened up showing that my left tube was blocked, which would have been very helpful to know before the clomid. 

    Considering that you have already had one eptopic in April, I would have it done now, so that you don't risk losing that other tube. 

  • I had mine after 11 months of trying.

  • I'm sorry for your loss :(

    I had mine done after 2 1/2 years of trying, right before I went to the RE.  I wouldn't worry too, too much about it if I were you.  You just got the all clear in April and since you haven't started TTC yet, you don't have any reason to believe you will have an issue getting pregnant - it is definitely still possible with one tube.

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