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Update-another couple chosen

Apparently, a bmom was in labor and we were one of the couples profiles shown. We were told that another couple was chosen.  Oh well. We wait patiently.  Because of this, I went ahead and informed my manager we were adopting and there may be a chance of a last minute adoption.



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Re: Update-another couple chosen

  • I'm so sorry!  :(

    Hopefully you'll get a match soon -- I always found that the profile showings came in bunches!

  • I'm so sorry. Hopefully you'll get your match soon!
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  • I'm so sorry!!! I hope you get your match soon!!! 
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  • I'm so sorry :(  Ugh, what a sucker punch to finally get a call and then have to continue waiting. I sure hope your match will be quick like that one though!!
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  • Ugh.... I never know what's worse...knowing you are so close or not knowing anything.  Hang in there...
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  • I'm so sorry, S. :-( 

    You have been more than patient all these years. You're amazing.


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