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Anyone Delivered at Pennsylvania Hosp Recently?

I just heard from a friend who had a baby at Pennsylvania Hospital under the new laborist system and got little attention from the doctors.  I'll deliver there in September (perhaps October ig he's late).

Anyone else have experience with the laborist system?  Good or bad?


Re: Anyone Delivered at Pennsylvania Hosp Recently?

  • I've been there as a doula twice in recent months and expect to be there again any day now for a birth, but as far as I've seen, it is no different than any other hospital.  If that helps, I don't know.  Laboring moms are mostly attended by the nurses, which is generally for clinical purposes - moving the monitor around, holding hand while getting epidurals, putting IV in, hooking up bags of pit or whatever else if that is the course of labor, and if it is a normal low risk typical situation, the midwives will come in to meet the moms and address any of her questions and then to catch the baby.  That is pretty much the norm. 

    This is why doulas are especially great...they will stay with you at home if you want and go with you to the hospital and be there for the duration of everything...and are trained to work with you and your partner to help you manage labor and have a more positive experience.



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  • I delivered there in February & I absolutely loved my doctor & nurses. I was sent to labor & delivery when I was in my 2nd trimester b/c of a swine flu scare, and as soon as I stepped off the elevator on the L & D floor I was immediately pleased by how nice & attentive the entire staff was. When I was in labor my OB came to my room often (i labored for 11 hours). She was the same OB I saw for my prenatal care. I wanted a natural delivery so when I started struggling with the pain, my OB was right there helping me to focus on my breathing. She honestly was amazing. The nurses were great, and the lactation consultants were a huge help. My OB stopped by my room the next morning to visit & then again before I was released. My only complaint was I had to share a room with another woman and the room we were in was very very small. I had machines at my bedside (magnesium sulfate for pre-eclampsia, and blood pressure monitors), that combined with a bassinett for each baby, our beds, our food trays during meal was very cramped & uncomfortable. But there were a lot of women having babies those few days so it was crowded. Everyone was forced to share a room. However, they were renovating rooms when i was there, so the new rooms may be available by the time you deliver. Good luck!
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  • I am not familiar with the "laborist system" but my midwife sent me home after I had my bloody show and was in intense pain because I "wasn't dialating fast enough."  I labored at home--basically in fear of going back--until I was 7 cm.  It was horrible.  Stick with the doctors if you do not want a "natural" approach to birth. 
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  • I am scheduled to deliver at Pennsy in Nov. I did ask my OB about the laborist system. Apparently they are there primarily for woman who are "walk ins" and are not under the care of an ob with privlages at the hospital. Also this is common at most hospitals in the area. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen.

    My OB is fantastic.I did meet with a midwife for my last appointment b/c I would like to go natural....and she was HORRIBLE!!!! I was very disappointed b/c midwives have a reputation for being more hollistic. I am hoping it was this particular woman.


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