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xp - Medela Symphony lost suction

I'm trying to figure out what part(s) I need to replace to get my rental Symphony working again. Looking on Medela's website, it seems like they are talking about needing to replace the little yellow thing with the white membrane that hangs down into the bottle that catches the milk. Is that right? Do I need to get new little yellow things, or just the white membranes? TIA for the help, of course the place I rented it from is closed on the weekend.

(I posted this on the breastfeeding board as well, but I figured lots of us on here use/used a Symphony and someone might know.)

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Re: xp - Medela Symphony lost suction

  • Sounds right.  The same thing happened to us a few times with the PISA, and was resolved when we replaced the inside yellow pieces.

    ETA:  I only saw the yellow piece and membrane together for sale.  I want to say it was $8.99 for 2 of them.

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  • If there is condensation in the tubing it could do that too...

    My DH used the bike pump to dry the tubes out and then mine worked again- but they did tell us at the hospital that if the membranes get bent at all it won't work- I bought a pack of membranes on amazon...

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    I know this sounds stupid, but also check to make sure that all the tubing is connected tightly.  I had a problem with the Lactina I used at work and it turned some of the tubing at a strange place wasn't in completely.  Tightened it up and it worked just great. 
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  • If you have tried everything people have suggested, call Medela. If there are parts that need to be replaced, they often will ship them overnight for you. They sent me mine FREE. They are a great company to work with. 
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