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Postpartum Depression


Hi, I am hoping this is the board I should be posting on. I think I need help. Secretly I have known that I am in need  of help for months but I have been way to embarrassed to get it. I don't want my SO to know that there is something wrong, or mom, well actually anyone. I have severe mood swings. One second I love my life the next I am so unhappy and hating life. Most days I wish my son would just sleep all day so I could to. Dont get me wrong I love my son to death just some days I just feel I don't know overwhelmed (that might not be the right word. I think frustrated fits better) ? I feel like a horrible mother because I go from talking to him and smiling then ten minutes later I am angry.


Yesterday SO did not work and we spent the day shopping etc. He says I had about 6 major mood swings, during the coarse of the day. And last night he said maybe I should think about going on a mood stabilizer. I know I need it. But I feel like a failure if I ask for help. I know I need to call my DR. but I am sitting here with the phone in my hand hitting the number then hanging up. I don't know what to do!

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  • Don't be ashamed or afraid to get help!  I put it off for a while and looking back on it I wish I had gotten help sooner!  I'm on zoloft now and my mood swings and frustrations are so much better.  I'm really glad that I can now enjoy every day instead of waking up hoping to have a good or decent day.  Call your dr. and don't hang up!!!  It will make you feel SO much better and you will be thanking yourself that you did get help!!!
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  • Your LO is such a cutie!!! Big Smile


    Oh yeah, keep us updated ; )

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  • I called and apparently my doctor is out till June and the nurse told me to just go to the walk-in clinic.


    And thanks:)

  • I'm really glad you called!  It's tough to admit that you need help and to get it, but you feel SO much better about everything!  It's a huge relief when you know you are going to start to feel better soon.  I hope the walk-in clinic helps you : )
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