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those who had a c-section after laboring (tmi)

my stomach absolutely kills me. i cant eat anything without having to run to the bathroom to painfully poop my brains out. i think i may have an internal hemmie, and because it hurts to the point of crying to go the the bathroom (not constipated, its almost diarrhea like) i will not eat. because i am not eating i am getting very weak, but i dont know what to do to fix this. my question, anyone else have pain like this when going to the bathroom? if so, when did it go away?? thank you
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Re: those who had a c-section after laboring (tmi)

  • sorry to hear it...i labored for 18 hours (med free for 12 of those) before having to have a c-section, and I am experiencing the opposite. I had diarrhea in the hospital the day after the c-section, and nothing else for the last days. I fear the poo that is coming.

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  • I labored and had a c/s with my DD.

    No, this was not my experience. They told me to take Colace and I couldn't bear to live without it for about 2 weeks.

    Eat. Call the dr for advice on stomach pains, but you have to eat. if you need more solid poop, try the BRAT diet, which is all binding/bland foods (banana rice appkesauce toast) Sweet potato is also binding.

    Wondering if your bowel movements are causing uterine contractions? Or definitly in the stomach?

    - Jena
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  • I was induced and labored for about 10 hours before having an emergency c/s, but didn't have any pooping issues really.  My stomach was fine.

    I would definitely call the doctor though.

    Feel better! 

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  • I labored for 26 hours before an emergency c-section. I did NOT experience this. But I do remember the doctors and nurses coming in to constantly listen to my intestines during my 4 days in the hospital after DD delivery. ?I asked why they did this and they said that there are sometimes complications with them after a c-section. ?You should definitely call your doctor ASAP.
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  • I did not have a C, but after delivery (about a weeks or so) I did come down with C-Diff. It was a bacterial infection in my intestines. It was the WORST pain after eating, and major pooping issues. I was finally diagnosed after going to the ER at 11 days. I was MISERABLE. If you have concerns, you should call, and get checked.
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