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Nubbin is here! (long but worth it!)

Hi ladies!

I am FINALLY able to check in and to update you with the birth of our son, Samuel (Sam).  My labor went exactly as planned... until we got the hospital where I was diagnosed with pre-E and HELLP.  I started contractions around 5 a.m. on Christmas, labored at home until about 4:00 p.m., then went to the hospital because I thought my water had broken (I was GBS+). While at the hospital I did get to labor naturally and did great until we got the news about the labs. In fact, I was in the tub when the doc came in. My BP was up, platelets down, and my red blood cells were hemolyzing. 

At that point I was 7cm, but we had to start magnesium sulfate and pitocin, and there was no way I was going to suffer through both of those without meds.  So I had an epidural - and just in time too.  My platelet count had dropped so low that I was almost unable to receive it.  Once I had the epi, pit, and mag, things slowed down.  I was fully dilated and effaced for over 2 hours, but Sam was stuck at +1 station.  We finally decided to do some test pushes before resorting to the big C.  Well, my pushing was apparently legendary (I had a resident stop by today and tell me that she had heard about it!) and 45 minutes later (and a 3rd degree tear and episiotomy, unfortunately) at 3:04 a.m. on 12/26 Sam was born!

He came out screaming and weighed in at a slight 7lb 2oz and was 19 inches long. HE is doing GREAT.  I've never seen so dang many poopy diapers and he is on the breast every 2 hours or more frequently. 

Unfortunately, DH and I are still here because my labs are still being troublesome.  My platelets were low again this morning and my liver enzymes up, so while I am off mag (was on it for 24 hours - BRUTAL), I am still being monitored.  I hope to go home tomorrow.  Fortunately for all of us, we all get to stay and the hospital and staff are wonderful.

So, while it was not the labor I intended, I have absolutely no regrets.  I did not want to go through all of that w/o an epi just to say I could - and have miserable memory of my experience.  While the mag slowed things down, the epi made the wait tolerable and we rested, listened to music, and adapted to the new plans  That all said, I'm so proud of both DH and I for getting as far as we did w/o meds, and in a way I'm grateful for being GBS positive, as it was the only thing that got me to the hospital and the pre-E and HELLP diagnosed.  In a way I guess I had the best of both types of labor experiences.

SO enough about that and on to the cuteness!  I present Sam, and even a pic of me :) I tried to PIP - for some reason I can't connect to photobucket, so you'll have to check out the pics here:

imageI am so happy to be able to check in here too!  I've missed you guys and I think being a mom is going to seriously cut into my bump time - until Sam stops eating and pooping nonstop :)

More later, of course!

Emmylou - are you still around, lady?  I'm so excited for it to be your turn!!


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Re: Nubbin is here! (long but worth it!)

  • Poppin' over from i/f to say congrats!  Sam is beautiful and I love the name.  I'm glad you're all getting good care and hope you can go home tomorrow.
  • Congrats mama!!!  You made it -you are a mom!!!  Yea!!!

    Welcome Sam!  Congrats on a beautiful baby!

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  • what a cutie!!! and the picture of the two of you, i fully teared up. CONGRATULATIONS!!
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  • I love love love love that picture of you and Sam.  Congrats, E!  He's amazing and I am so glad you finally have your happy ending! 

    After 2 rounds of IVF & 2 rounds of FET, we were blessed with identical twin girls!

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  • congratzzzzz!
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  • Congrats and I have to say whoever is whever is wearing the Got Lucky shirt picked the perfect time. Your son is adorable and I always say how lucky I am to have the girls.
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  • Congratulations!!!  He's gorgeous-- LOVE the picture of you holding him with your eyes closed.  So beautiful!!!  Enjoy!!!
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  • Wonderful story - Sam is precious and I absolutely love his name!

    I am glad you are all resting, that he is eating well, and that you will be home soon!

    I am SO excited for you and your new family!!!

  • Aww, congrats!
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  • congrats!  i am so happy for you!  sam is adorable and that picture of the two of you is beautiful.  i hope you are released tomorrow and can start enjoying your baby boy at home!  take care.
  • 1.  He's beautiful!

    2.  You're beatiful.

    3.  There's nothing better than being happy with your birth experience, even if it wasn't what you imagined it to be.

    4.  I hope you are well soon. 

    5.  Cal had almost the exact same stats, except he was 7lb 2.5oz.  And 19 inches!

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    Life is beautiful!

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  • I am soooooo happy for you!  He is just beautiful.  Glad to hear you are doing well now and he is BF'ing so good.  Hope you start feeling better soon too.  What an awesome Christmas present!  Congratulations! 
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  • beautiful baby and I am so so happy to wish him a Happy Birth Day!!



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  • Woohoo!!!! Huge congrats and welcome Sam! Love the name (it was my boy choice). :) He's adorable.
  • CONGRATS!  Such a cutey!
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  • Finally! Your miracle is here :) I am beyond thrilled for you. He is beautiful! (as are you... You look darn amazing for being in labor/having just birthed a babe ;) I had pre-e/hellp too, with the boys. It took a few days for me to get totally back to normal too. Ugh, Hope you feel better very soon, and can get home to enjoy your new perfect family!
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  • LOVE!!!! Welcome to the world baby Sam!

    He is absolutely beautiful!!  Congratulations E!!!! 

    I'm sorry things didn't go as planned (the never do, do they?) But, I hope you are all better ASAP!!!

    Oh man, he's just gorgeous!!!!


  • So, so happy for you Elizabeth!  Sam is such a cutie!  Keeping my fingers crossed that your labs start normalizing so you can get out of there and be home with your son and hubby!  :)
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  • Congratulations! The picture of you and Sam is beautiful! I hope you get out of the hospital soon.
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  • Congrats!! I also love the name. You are awesome and I am glad you have your family now. Merry Christmas:>
    PAIF and SAIF Always Welcome!
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    Not sure what to do now. Sad and lost.
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  • Congrats!!! He is beautiful :)

    Welcome to the world Sam! 

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  • Congrats! So happy for you!!!

    if you need help with healing from the 3rd degree tear - feel free to email me at my nest name --- i had a 4th degree tear and it can be REALLY bad to heal from - hopefully it will be easier for you than it was for me :)

    enjoy that little one- and feel better!

  • omg E!! You're a mom!!! Honestly, this post made me cry. I remember reading your blog when you got the call on the way to your transfer that all your embryo's had arrested and just thinking.. the devastation. And look at you today! YOU"RE A MOM!!!!


    So many congrats!!!

  • Congrats to you and your hubby! Sam is a beautiful baby!

    The pic of you and Sam is precious!

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  • CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yeah!  Congrats to all of you!  You and Sam look beautiful.  I'm glad you are pleased with the overall experience too. 
  • At long last!  So happy for you--congratulations!
    Severe MFI resulting in IVF/ICSI #1 in Nov 2007. BFP!!
    Our beautiful son was born July 2008.
    2010: 2 IVF's,1 FET = 2 BFN's, 1 c/p :(
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  • Oh wow!  This post got my tears flowing, too.  I am so, so happy for you, your DH, and baby Sam.  You made it!  You are an inspiration to all of us.
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  • congrats!!!
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  • Congrats, he is beautiful and I love that picture of the two of you!
    Forever in our hearts
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  • Congratulations!!  Sam is beautiful :) 

    I hope you get to go home with your precious baby very soon. 

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  • Congratulations!!!  Sam is so beautiful :)
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  • Welcome to Sam!!!  He is precious!

    I am so sorry to learn about your pre-e/HELLP experience.  My stomach just dropped.  At nearly 42 weeks along, I developed pre-e & HELLP. I was on the mag drip for 30 l-o-n-g hours (brutal is right!).  I'm sorry that you are still in the hospital, but it sounds like they are taking good care of you and your family.

    I hope that you continue to feel better and heal quickly.  As hard as it is, let those willing to help you help.  Looking back on my recovery, I would have felt better sooner if I'd more graciously accepted help.  (Granted, I was healing from a c-section as well as HELLP, but the surgery recovery was the easiest part of my recovery!  LOL!)

    If ever you want to talk with someone who has been there, I'm just a phone call away.  When I first got home from the hospital, it all hit me, everything that we'd been through.  Fortunately, Nora was able to share her experiences with me and it helped me feel less afraid.  You've been to hell and back with HELLP.  Its a scary experience--but it does sound like you are doing well! 

    Thinking of you!

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  • Congratulations!!  He is adorable and I love the picture of him resting on you - you look gorgeous!  Hopefully, you'll be out of the hospital soon and enjoying some family time at home.

  • Oh my God Elizabeth I am CRYING - and I literally GASPED out loud looking at that picture of you and Sam.  SO beautiful - both of you. 

    A million congratulations on your beautiful, beautiful little boy.  What a wonderful gift - can't wait to read more updates when you can.  So happy for you E.  


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  • Congratulations Mommy and welcome Sam! I love the name and he is absolutely perfect and soooo cute! I'm so sorry that delivery was not as you planned (I was on mag for  3 days, it totally sucks), but so glad that everyone is healthy!
    IUI # 1 on 1/19, Beta 2/1 = BFN, Hysteroscopy on 2/15= 5 polyps removed, and cervix cleared, IUI #2 on 4/15 = BFP, Beta#1 on 4/30 @ 15 dpiui= 279, Beta #2 on 5/9 @24dpiui = 10,154, U/S on 8/5 = TWO GIRLS! Born 10/16 at 28 weeks. Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers Lilypie First Birthday tickers
  • Congratulations!  I love the picture of you holding Sam!  He is precious!
    After 20 months TTC with PCOS, we were blessed with twins!
    They arrived at 36 weeks after PTL and bedrest for 14 weeks. Lilypie Third Birthday tickers image
  • HOORAY!!!!! Congratulations Mommy!!! Sam is simply gorgeous and the photo of the two of you took my breath away. I am over the moon happy for you!

    HELLP - YIKES!!! So glad they caught it, sorry you had to go through all that. You did awesome making it to 7cm and I would have 100% done the same in your position.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery. Enjoy your little man...

    Obviously I am still hanging in - appt tomorrow. fingers crossed!

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  • Sam is beautiful!  I'm glad your birth experience was a mostly postive one.  I hope you are able to go home soon. 
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