33 weeks and both of my girls are breech.... — The Bump

33 weeks and both of my girls are breech....

Should I be worried? Not in a delivery sense - but in a "babies well being" sense. I've read a few articles that suggest breech presentation can "sometimes" mean some sort of neurological problem, but that chances are slim. 

In most cases at least one baby is presenting correctly, but in my case, both girls are being difficult :o). I just worry that because my girls are identical, something could wrong with them both, causing them not to turn.

Anyone deliver perfectly healthy twins - both being breech at delivery? I feel like if there were a neurological problem, we would know about it by now, but maybe not?

Ughh, I just need to STOP Googling, lol.

Re: 33 weeks and both of my girls are breech....

  • My ID twin girls were very, very breech for the entire pregnancy - they never even budged.  I had a scheduled C-section at 38 weeks, and they are perfectly healthy and wonderful.  If yours stay breech, they will most likely do hip ultrasounds after they are born to check for hip dysplasia, but other than that I haven't heard of any instances of problems associated with breech babies.  I'm sure they're just stubborn like my girls. ;)  Best wishes!  I'm sure everything is just fine!


  • Don't worry. Most of the time those types of things are just rare correlations that most often mean nothing. And whether or not there is something wrong, there is nothing that you can do about it.  I know it's hard not to worry (I had a couple bleeding scares early on) but in the end it just stresses you out- not good for you or your babies. Praying for healthy babies for you.  

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  • My girls aren't breech but just wanted to say that they still have time/a chance to flip around! The tech who usually does my u/s would always comment how it was so "crammed" in there and there wasn't much room for the babies to move...BUT...at 37.5 weeks and holding, B decided to go vertex (tech stopped making those comments)!

    I know it's hard NOT to google things--I am guilty of it, too!--but just try to stay positive and know that your drs. know a great deal more than what we can find on the internet (which tends to be far more scary and who knows how inaccurate). 

    Sending you T&P for healthy twin girls! You're doing a great job cookin'!

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  • My boys were breech and transverse until the very end (36 weeks, 3 days). They are just fine!
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  • i wouldnt worry. one of my boys was breech until about 34 weeks and then he turned in the span of 2 days. they can turn around quickly.
  • Not sure if this applies to just twin pregnancies, but my singleton son was breech for my entire pregnancy and is just fine.  I did have to have a c-section though.
  • Both of my boys were breech, (both came out butt first) and are completly and perfectly healthy. My peri never said that their position could present a problem.

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