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Its time for another exciting round of...!!!


Symptoms started about a week ago...

Pain in Left boob.

Pea sized lump directly under nipple that is sore to the touch.

Pain that feels kind of like a pulled muscle.

Hurts more when I:

a) lean forward and

b) am a little engorged.


I dont think Its a blocked duct because it has been going on for about a week and there is no constant engorgement behind the lump.   I have tried massaging the lump to see if it will go away, and nothin...

Also, I plan on going to the dr, but I need to find a new one first who is covered by my craptastic insurance. 

Any advice/ideas on what this could be??


ETA: K is really excited that I'm asking you guys considering Ive had a breast tumor before and I recently made the mistake of telling him about a seattle nestie who was just diagnosed with stage3 breast cancer.. he's such a worry wart when it comes to "the Ta's" as he puts it =P

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Re: Its time for another exciting round of...!!!

  • I don't have any advice seeing as I've never BF'd before, but I'm keeping my crossables crossed that its nothing serious!!!!
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  • Yikes Jen! I hope it clears up soon and it's nothing serious. Ouch.
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  • Is the sore spot red and hot to the touch? Do you have any other flu-like symptoms? It sounds like a plugged duct, and could very well be the onset of Mastitis.

    Try all the remedies you tried before: Hot/cold compress, massage the affected area, run hot water over it, etc.

    I am sorry you are hurting. I hope you feel better soon!

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  • Hopefully it's nothing.  There can be a lot of reasons for having a lump, hopefully it's something that's no big deal.  I will keep you in my prayers, but please let us know when your appointment is and how it goes.

    ...and there is a Seattle Nestie with stage 3 breast cancer?!  Is this common knowledge and I've been under a rock?

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  • It is possible (common, i think) to get breast cysts.  I would imagine pain => talk to a dr, but i hope that the home treatments work!

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  • image baby_austin7/25:

    ...and there is a Seattle Nestie with stage 3 breast cancer?!  Is this common knowledge and I've been under a rock?

    here's her blog:

    lynchie...i hope it gets better and please, please go get your self checked!  keep us posted!

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