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MIscarriage question

First time luck is all it was.  Been bleeding for 10 days and doctor confirmed miscarriage due to chemical pregnancy. Hoping to pass the sacks by the weekend but will be scheduled for a monday D&C if it didn't.

 If anyone has miscarried how long did you wait till after your D&C or the passing of tissue to try again?

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  • no personal experiences but I am so sorry for your lost....
  • I'm sorry I am unable to relate however my b/f just had a m/c & her dr did her d&c last week 07/16 & told her she was good to go after a week of healing. Good luck on next try. Keep your head up
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  • I'm very sorry for your loss...

    I did not need a D&C for my miscarriage, but my doctor just wanted me to wait until after my next period.  I waited a little longer (about 4 months) for emotional reasons.

    Best wishes... 

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  • I MC-ed early on.  6 weeks?  I tried right away.  I did not wait the 2 months they told me to as I was 34 at the time.  Since it was so early I didnt think it would make a huge difference.  I was right...I am due any day now.  Good luck!
  • Thank you all for your best wishes, I haven't been on for a while due to healing and then work got crazy.

    I ended up having the D&C on Jul 27th, dr said some women go back to workthe next day--WHATEVER! i was in pain for two days then just sluggish/denial for another two.  But, try try again we will.

    However, i had my followup appt and dr said to be careful about bd because we can end up pregnant right away even before period returns. So, oops. We'll see what happens.

    Moiselle, congratulations on your beautiful baby!!! OMG so adorable!

    Thank you again ladies for the support, it is comforting even though we've never met. hugs.

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