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Problems w/ soy milk?

I am trying to figure out if DS chronic diarrhea is from his hirschsprungs or if maybe the soy has anything to do with it. I stoped the soy last night and started rice (just to be able to give him something to drink, I know rice is not good long term) I was just wondering if anyones kid had issues w/ soy milk and if so what were they.
Max 4-08-08 and Michael 2-03-91 (19 years olds)
image Both boys were born w/ hirschsprung's disease, you find yourself facing this dx, please feel free to ask me any questions.

Re: Problems w/ soy milk?

  • Chris has really bad foul smelling diarrhea from soy.  We were told to do rice with a calorie booster.  But, thankfully, he's outgrown the dairy allergy.

  • Both my boys get severely constipated with soy anything.

    We rotate almond milk and goat milk

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  • Just wondering if the rice has helped at all? I know that some Hirschsprung kids do have chronic diarrhea. My son has pretty normal BMs usually, but whenever he has a bout of diarrhea, they automatically treat it like a bowel infection and irrigate him and get him on flagel. We've done that routine about a half-dozen times in the last year. But it does get rid of the diarrhea.
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