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Recommend your diaper bag

I have the smaller and larger Eddie Bauer diaper bags that I'm not completly happy with.  The small one is good for short trips but not big enough for a full day out.  The larger one is way too bulky for everyday use.  So I'm in the search for a new one and have been looking at the Skip Hop ones.  I don't want to spend a ton of money but want something that is durable and big enough for everyday use.  Also needs to be husband friendly. 
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Re: Recommend your diaper bag

  • I have this brown one from Carter's that was $10 if you purchased however much, I can't remember maybe $50? Anyway, it's got a little plastic pocket thing attache don the inside for little things like lotion, hand sanitizer, etc. It also came with a changing pad. It's pretty big but not huge and it's got 4 pockets on the outside. I can fit my changing pad/diaper/wipes carrier roll-up thing, can of antibacterial wipes, bibs, burp cloths, extra change of clothes for Nicholas, bottle bag, sippy cup, and snack trap on the inside and I put his toys in one of the outside pockets, my wallet/keys/phone in an outside pocket, and a bottle or sippy in one of the other outside pockets.

    this is it here


  • LOVE LOVE LOVE my Reese Li,
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  • I like the Skip Hop Duo, and I had used a cute Oi Oi bag too. Now it's either my purse or another tote bag.
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  • I love my Mothership from

    I can fit everything in it with no problem, and DH is perfectly fine with carrying it.

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  • I have the Skip Hop messenger-style one.  Great for all-day type trips, and I got it on sale at a few months back for $30.
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  • per a rec from a woman in my grad class...i now use a backpack.  Its an Adidas one...has two mesh pockets on the sides for the wipes.  And a couple nice pockets inside for different things.  It only cost me $30 at Sports Authority.  I would recommend this option to everyone!
  • I have the diaper dude and the stork sack. I have to say that I like the diaper dude better and it was a ton cheaper than the stork. I like it also because my husband can use it too and not feel prissy!
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