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shutterfly fvcking deleted all my pictures!!!

I order prints from them almost every month, I thought they were only deleting pictures if you didn't order something!?!?!?!

WTF?!?!Super Angry


Re: shutterfly fvcking deleted all my pictures!!!

  • I got an email the other day saying they would NOT be deleting pictures.  Maybe you sould contact them?  SO sorry if they did that sucks :-(
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  • I am going to contact them today imagine my shock when I opened my account this morning to find my pictures gone. 
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  • I got an email saying they will never delete photos and that they also have all pictures on a backup system. 
  • That sucks!  I love Shutterfly after a bad experience with Snapfish!  I know for my website on Shutterfly, when I accidentally deleted a section of pictures, I just emailed them and they got back to me right away and restored the pictures.
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  • definitely contact them- i got that same email- never deleting files etc.

    plus they say they back up their pictures and such- they might be able to recover your account. GL

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  • Definitely contact them - I'm sure it was probably a glitch in their system and they'll be able to retrieve them for you.

    That said, I still keep ALL of my photos on a cd as backup just in case Shutterfly ever crashes.

  • contact them... they suck!  (i <3 snapfish)
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