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3rd loss - RE questions

Hi All,

I've been lurking on these boards for ages and I really thought this was our month but instead I'm in the process of miscarrying for the 3rd time (6 weeks and my betas are falling).  We're absolutely heartbroken and devasted, especially since this is occuring the same week as my first due date (which seems like a cruel joke).  My ob is having me get an ultrasound on Fri to confirm the miscarriage and also wants to draw blood to determine if there's something wrong with me (e.g., clotting disorder, etc).  We've been trying for a baby for 10 months.  I'm 34 and, quite frankly, I don't wan't to waste any more time or lose another baby.  My question is, how do you know when it's time to switch to an RE?  How do you even find one (we just moved to a new city).  What sorts of tests will an RE do versus a regular OB?  I know these questions are probably asked very frequently, but I couldn't find any similar threads.  Any insights you have would be greatly appreciated.

 Thanks in advance. 

Re: 3rd loss - RE questions

  • I'm so sorry that you're going through your third loss. My first EDD is just around the corner (April 15th) and I'm dreading it a bit. I'm 31 so I understand not wanting to waste anymore time.

    I haven't gone to an RE yet, but after three MCs you would?definitely?be a candidate. Plus your teetering on the 35 side, I would get a?recommendation?from your OB.

    My OB is doing a blood work up to see if I have a clotting disorder, they can also do blood work to see if you might have a hormonal issue. She explained that about 50% of the time they can figure out what the problem is, however I may very soon find out "the limits of science".?

    I'm so sorry and good luck on your journey! ?

  • Im so sorry you are going through this for the 3rd time. No one deserves it even once. I hope you find all the answers you need soon.
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  • My OB usually refers people to an RE after 3 miscarriages.  She actually referred me to an RE after my 2nd miscarriage because they both happened so early at right around 5 weeks.  I never had a problem getting pregnant; I just haven't been able to keep a baby yet.  So, she wants to be proactive and try to find out what is going on.

    I got the recommendation on where to go from my OB.  I do not know what different testing they do.  But, I would certainly ask your OB about it and tell them that you want to see an RE.

  • I am so sorry for your losses.  I too am going through my 3rd m/c after IF. 

    I switched to an RE after my 2nd.  My OB did a RLP (repeat loss panel) and i was dx with factor V leiden and MTHFR (blood clotting issues).  I felt that my OB had a decent plan but I wanted a 2nd opinion.  I am 32, almost 33 and felt the clock ticking.  I am SO glad i switched.  My RE immediately had me do a HSG (dye test to see if tubes are blocked) he ended up finding a large fibriod in my uterus which likely caused both m/c's because there was no room for it to grow.  He removed it and also pumped up our IF treatment to strengthen my eggs, ovulation etc.  I got pregnant again right away with the RE.  I did end up miscarrying but its an ectopic so likely unrelated but just really bad luck. 

    I would also suggest chromosomal / genetic testing.  That can often cause early miscarriages. 

    I would highly recommend switching to an RE!  Good luck!

  • I am so sorry for your losses. I had my ob/gyn at the time to do the tests. She did bloodwork, and HSG. all was normal.

    8 months later I decided to go to an IVF clinic. I saw an RE there but because it wasnt a year since my last loss they couldnt do any treatment because according to my health insurance I had success getting pregnant. So she decides to do the whole miscarriage workup again to see if we can have a reason why I miscarried twice.

    So I had all my bloodwork again and I think I had a little more becauase they took 14 vials of blood from me and I had another test a hysteroscopy that the last Ob/GYN didnt do. well they found out why I miscarried. I have a partial uterine septum.

    So I do think its wise for you to see an RE because I think they test more and are more thorough.

     good luck to you.


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  • I'm so sorry for your losses. I was referred by my OB to an RE after my 2nd loss. I was also 34 at the time. The OB ordered the RPL panel, and the RE did cd3 b/w which found a clotting disorder, an shg which found tissue in my uterus, and eventually a hysteroscopy which removed the tissue. I'd definitely ask for a referral to an RE - your OB should know who is good.
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  • I am sorry for your losses.  Multiple losses are beyond devastating.  Here is the link to my blog page where I went over what my RE tested for.


    I found that my RE just went farther than my regular OB and really looked at everything.  GL.

    7 mm/c
    APS, hetero factor v leiden & MTHFR
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    bfp #3 - 8.3.08, edd 4.15.09, mm/c 9.17.08 (10w)
    bfp #4 - 1.15.09, edd 9.26.09, mm/c 2.16.09 (8w2d)
    bfp #5 - 6.16.09, edd 2.25.10, mm/c 7.23.09 (9w)
    bfp #6 - 8.12.10, edd 4.27.11, mm/c 9.16.10 (8w1d)
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    ttc again -> bfp #8 - 5.3.13, edd 1.13.14, mm/c 5.30.13 (7w3d)
    bfp #9 - 9.23.13, our miracle baby girl arrived 5.29.14

  • Thank you so much ladies!  You've given me so much hope, which I had none of as of this morning.  I'm so sorry that you've been through something similar and I really appreciate you taking the time to respond.  I wish you all the best.
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