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I just thought of something, and I can't believe it never occurred to me before! Have Jax's doctors checked his sinuses/tonsils for inflammation? Or does he frequently have a runny nose or act like he has post nasal drip?

This is totally disgusting, but bear with me, there's a point to all this.  I have pretty bad allergies. I always know when they're acting up not because my nose runs, but because I can't stop gagging. I get terrible post nasal drip, and it always activates my gag reflux. When it's really bad I throw up. Sometimes a lot. The urge to gag/heave is unstoppable when it happens.

I know reflux can cause irritation in the nose/throat/sinuses, but for me the reverse is true too.

Re: ~~Sweater~~

  • I will CERTAINLY put this on my list!

    I sit on the computer (instead of getting a very needed extra hr or two of sleep) researching anything and everything to go on my list every single night. I love and appreciate suggestions so much.

    We have another GI appt in 2 weeks, and a pulmonary appt this Friday. I have 6 things on my list right now, so I may email the list to my GI specialist's personal nurse to get the ball running on some things before our appt.

    thank you for the idea and to think of Jax enough to call it out. I really am moved by the support.?

  • Now that I'm thinking of it, I have a question:

    Is the allergy seasonal for you? Jax has been throwing up 15+ times a day for the past 6.5 months non-stop. ?

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  • Nope, my allergies are not seasonal. We live in AZ and it's so warm here that something is always blooming, so that is part of it. But I'm also allergic to indoor things like cat dander & dust mites. There are times when they are worse, but I have allergy symptoms pretty much every day.

    I think about your little dude all the time. I really hope his doctors can figure out what is going on soon (as in yesterday), and even more so I really hope the cause of all of his tummy trouble can be treated easily. 

  • Wow, it would be crazy awesome if this were the answer to all our prayers!!  I'm going to watch Cameron and Evan on this too....  Hhhmm...
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