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Jeremiah just ate some cereal!

The doctor told us we could start him at 4 months, but I had planned on waiting until 6 months before feeding him, but we felt like he just needed it. ?The boy is drinking 4-5 8 oz bottles a day and is STILL acting like he's hungry every 2 hours. ?So, we felt like that was a sign that he needed more then just formula. ?

He is just growing up too fast! ?He is already sitting by himself for short periods of time (although he sat for 10 minutes playing the other day, I couldn't believe it) and scooting across the floor. ?Where is my little baby?

And lets not go into his clothes..I just moved him up to 6-9 month sizes a couple of weeks ago...and those are already getting to be too short and tight on him. I think he'll be in 9-12 month size before he hits 6 months...especially eating cereal!! ?

Anyway, just wanted to share!?


Re: Jeremiah just ate some cereal!

  • Wow! ?He's already almost 5 months old -- time has gone fast. ?Way to go J!
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  • yay Jeremiah!! we are starting Jack with cereal on Saturday!!  He will be 6 months on the 9th of april. Yeah it def. sounds like J could use the cereal to help fill him up some....cuz Jack is just drinking 4-5 6 oz. bottles a day.

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  • He is SO CUTE!!!!!  I really enjoyed getting to see his sweet self with those chubby cheeks yesterday!

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