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AW: Nap time!

Luci FINALLY slept longer than a half an hour!!!!  We are on 1hr 45 min as we speak.  I am speechless!!!!!!!

Re: AW: Nap time!

  • Niiice! What did you do differently??

    Elise is an excellent napper... ?I usually have no problem getting 2 2+ hour naps out of her. Sometime in her crib and sometimes in her swing (like now, haha.) However, STTN is still a loooong way away. *sigh* How's Luci doing during the night?

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  • I didn't do anything differently to be honest.  I think she just was tired and is getting used to sleeping in crib.  Since she can roll over both ways I put her on her belly for naps and boy has that helped.  I feel very confident that she is good as gold like that.  She is awesome at night.  I usually get 7-7.  She will wake maybe once and go back to sleep w/ her paci.  We do not feed at night any longer.  She's eating right at 32ozs during the day and we are starting solids on Monday!  Yippee!  She had her 4mo appt (late) yesterday and she's all good and ready to start.  She stares my food down everyday.
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  • I'm a big fan of belly sleeping... good for you!
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