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Do you have a pet/pets?

If not currently, do you think you'll get a pet at some time for your child/ren?  Why or why not?


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Re: Pets?

  • I've had two chihuahuas since before Layla was born and we rescued a cat when Layla was around 3 months. ?They all do great together.?

    Layla loves the pets, she knows them apart and says their names. ?I want her to be an animal lover. ?

  • I have a four year old yellow lab and a 2 year old wheaton terrier. DD is amused by them on most days, and I'm excited for her to grow up with dogs as I loved my childhood dog to death.
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  • We have two cats, a turtle and some fish.  Eventually we'll add a dog to the mix.  I think its good for kids to grow up with animals, and every little boy deserves a dog :)
  • We have a husky, and we didn't know how he would react to DS since he had been our only "baby" for so many years.  But he is so good with DS.  From the very beginning he would just lay next to his crib or playpen and now he lets DS pet him, play with his tail, chase him, etc.  They are the best of buddies.  We also have a fish...not nearly as exciting. :)
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  • we live in a 2 bedroom apt so we can't have a dog.  we currently don't have any pets but we are going to get a small fish tank and some fish for DD for christmas. 
  • We have a Pomeranian mutt mix that we got before DD was born (I needed a hobby). I'd never had a dog before, but DH is a dog lover. Our dog is very patient and doesn't mind DD running around him all day - he just hides by me if she's getting annoying. They actually play together sometimes and it's darling. His name was her first word.

    DH would like to get another dog - a big protective one that will scare other people but be nice to us - but I am dead set against any "aggressive" breeds. I want something that I know I can trust even when my back is turned. I think the only other dog I'd allow is a Labrador, and only if we raised it from a puppy. I'm sure not all big dogs are vicious man-eaters, but in my mind they are. I'm not trying to flame anyone who has this type of dog, but I'm a fraidy-cat and a bit overprotective. He would prefer a Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, Belgian Malanois (sp?), Bull or English Mastiff or a Rottweiler. (I told him that a herd of yipping Chihuahuas is scarier than a sleeping Bull Mastiff.)

    I'm allergic to cats and never liked the fish I had growing up - too much of a chore and not enough enjoyment. Reptiles and rodents are scary to me.

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  • 2 chihuahuas, a GSD, hamster and two zebra finches
  • No pets right now. Dh and I are both allergic to cats, and do not like them anyway, and we just feel like we don't need a dog right now. Maybe later, when DS and any future children are older and can help take care of the dog. Personally I am not a fan of indoor pets anyway, because I am a neat freak and I don't like the hair-shedding, and the doggie smell, and of course the housebreaking part if they are a puppy. So I don't know. But DH would love to have a dog again so probably someday we will.
  • We have two. The first is a SharPei/Shepard mix that I rescued from the pound long before I met DH. He's 100 pounds and very good with DD, even though he is old and can be a total grump. I take him to walks around the lake with other moms and kids and the kids try and play with him or taunt him with food and he just ignores them.

    The second is a 100 pound Rotweiller/Black Lab mix, that we rescued over the summer. He is DH's dream dog, and as much as we didn't need another animal, I am glad we have him. He's still a puppy, but he is very good addition to out family.

    We will always have a dog or 2.

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  • We have a Maltese who's about 6 years old. He's a good dog- very low maintenance- but when he dies we won't be replacing him. The older I get, the less I like animals. lol. I just don't want the added responsibility. So our kids will just have to enjoy Fredo while they can. He seems healthy, so hopefully he'll be around for many years to come.
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  • We don't have any pets right now - our 10 year old Boxer died when Emily was only 5 months old and we aren't ready for another pet yet.  :(

    I think we will eventually get another dog or two but we aren't really sure when... maybe when Emily is a bit older and can help take care of it.

    eclaire 9.10.06  diggy 6.2.11

  • We have a mutt and two fish. I want another dog, but we need to wait until we move into a bigger house!
  • Yes.  We have a cat that I found as a stray 12 years ago and a 3 year old lab/golden retriever mix who we got a couple months before we found out we were pregnant with Paige.  We really want a boxer puppy but DH just found out he's being laid off so now is not the time.  Hopefully once he finds another job we can get one!
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