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back from the pedi (longish)

Meredith got 3 vaccines today. She's sleeping now. I have to give her tylenol every 4 hours the pedi said. And he yelled at me for letting her sleep on her belly. Uh.... the other pedi said it was fine & her mother said it was fine. So either work with me or tell me to see someone else. He didn't like that, but.... tough noogies.
So he gave her the HIB, Pneumococcal, & rotavirus. He explained it all to me & I felt comfy giving it to her. He said the pneumococcal also protects against meningitis and that the new rotavirus formula wouldn't make her sick, but if she caught the virus, it could be very bad for her. And my MIL explained that all the vaccines had to be "designer" & new at one point, but that they've made a world of difference. SO I had to agree with her there.?

He said that the congestion & mucous is probably from reflux. I didn't like that answer, but he said she sounded clear in her lungs & the only thing I could really do for her is to use the saline. I shouldn't use the aspirator. just keep flushing her with the saline. It would dissolve it & she'd either swallow it or sneeze it out.?

I asked if he had gotten the results from her u/s. Her right leg is longer than her left and that could indicate a problem with hip dysplasia. And that would also be the reason that the left hip is "loose". But he said he wouldn't do anything about it now. He's gonna call me saturday when he gets the u/s results and then at 3 & 4 months he's going to check it again. If it's still clicking, he'll order another u/s. If it's still bad, she'll have to have one of those harness things that keep her legs in the socket. He also said it could correct itself since it wasn't to bad. That the ligaments have to stretch in order for her to come out & they may just not have settled in their place yet. Who knows??

Then he said not to feed her more than every 2 hours. I told him I would feed her when she was hungry. So if that meant every hour, that's when she'd be fed.?
I just don't understand why drs are so quick to put babies on a set schedule. If she's hungry or needs to soothe herself & mommy's booby is the way she wants to get it done, I am not going to let her suffer. Plus she's on a pretty good schedule. At least I think so. ?

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