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I miss being pregnant!?

How can this be? Am I crazy? Did this happen to anyone? Is it just the result of hormonal wackiness? Will it get better?

Even though I had a special appreciation for this pregnancy after having a loss, I was the whiniest whiner during third tri about back aches, having to pee as soon as I went out for a walk, my belly button turning inside out, shoes not fitting, maternity clothes not fitting, not having my body "to myself" in general. During the pregnancy I decided that I would be really happy with just one child, despite always planning on 2.

The day after we got home the birth and change from pregnant to not-pregnant started sinking in and now I feel shitty for complaining so much. Whenever the baby gets the hiccups I start bawling because I remember how that felt in my belly.?

Re: I miss being pregnant!?

  • I realized the other day when I was at Babies R Us that I felt weird because I was the only person around that WASN'T pregnant!  People treat you differently when you are largely pregnant and life is definitely easier when the baby is still inside!!

    But, I don't miss being pregnant for the most part.  I always felt like it was a little creepy to feel her moving around inside there and I was beyond uncomfortable for a lot of my pregnancy.  I'm so happy to be able to hear her breathe and look at her face and smell her.  Pregnancy was a means to an end for me. 

  • You are not the only one.  I have those moments all the time.
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  • I had a lot of trouble with this - using the sling an bf both helped...
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