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I love to see....

We need a positive post for hump day......?

Re: I love to see....

  • * I love to see meredith's face light up when we speak her "language". If we mimic her she lights up like a xmas tree. Almost like we understand just what she's saying.?

    * I love to see her smile back at the toys that have smiley faces on them. It cracks me up every time.

    * I love to ?see dh's eyes gleam with pride when he sees he daughter

    * I love to see dh's eyes when I catch him looking at us while we play?

  • Nice idea!!!

    * I love to see Evie's smiles & hear her giggles & coos too!  Especially when she's nursing & just looks up at me & shyly grins.  SO SWEET!

    * I love to see her reaching a million little milestones every single day, like how she's starting to try to sit upright in the swing right now... gotta' go!

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  • - I love to see Ben's big grin when I go to pick him up out of his crib after a nap.

    - I love to see Ben all cuddled up in his towel after a bath.

    - I love to see dh's funny faces with Ben when they're playing.

    - I love to see SLEEP for me!  :)

    - I also love to see all the holiday stuff at stores!  I love December! 

  • I love when Conner looks at me like he really really knows who I am.

    I love his facial expressions when I play with him.

    I love to watch Dh with him. He totally loves his boy and I'm happy that I get to share that with him.


  • *I love to see Allison's name written on official stuff - her birth certificate, medical record, etc.  It just makes her that much more real!

    *I love to see her "fake" smiles after she eats and is in a milk coma.  I can't wait for a "real" smile!!

    *I love to see Kevin (DH) holding her and trying to sing to her when she cries.  I hope she never realizes how bad his singing is and only hears how much he loves her.

    *I love to see my cats getting closer and closer to Allison.  I  hope they are as good of friends to her as they've been to me!

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