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DS slept in his crib last night!

From the time we came home, we've had sleeping issues with Logan.  The first week, he would only sleep in our arms/on our chest.  From then on, he will only sleep in his carseat, swing or papasan seat.  He HATES the bassinet and the few times we've put him in the crib, he has not liked it.  Last night he was passed out at about 8:30, so at 9:00 we just decided to put him in the crib and see what happened.  (The nursery is right next to our room, the crib is about 10 steps from our bed)  He slept until 11:30, woke up to eat and DH got him back to sleep.  He woke up again at 3:00 to eat and I put him back in the crib afterwards.  He was still awake, but not fussing, so I just quietly left the room.  He fell asleep on his own and slept until 6:00!  I'm so happy, I finally got some sleep and I finally got to sleep in the same bed as DH.  lol  It's been awhile!  I don't know if this will last, but I'm hoping!!

Re: DS slept in his crib last night!

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