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Anyone on Myspace?

I know tons of you are on Facebook but anyone on myspace? I have both but tend to use myspace more!


Re: Anyone on Myspace?

  • yeah, i have both and usually use myspace more.  although i m starting to get into FB since my friends are on there more.
  • I have both, but almost exclusively use FB now.  I just had more contacts on FB than I did on myspace and it was too much to keep up with both!

    if you like to be friends!! =)

    I like FB but it confuses me a little! Then again i havent taken the time to really get into it!

    For FB, how do I tell you to find me without giving my last name openly on this board (not that I dont trust you ladies just for the lurkers that are crazy! you will know my last name once we are friends on FB anyway!)

  • I sent you a friend request on myspace :) I don't know how to add people on facebook either, but you can look me up since my last name is in my screen name on here anyway... raechel parsley :)
  • I use myspace more too! I just sent you a friend request:)



    I use myspace more Big Smile

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