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Ugh, one of DH's friends!!!

DH has a friend who he goes surfing with once or twice a week.  Well I guess they made plans to go surfing this morning.  Since 7:30 am, this annoying friend has called DH on his cell phone like 3 times.  DH is still sleeping - I don't want to wake him up... but his phone is out here in the living room.  It is SO loud, and Maya is out here asleep in her swing.  The sharp piercing ring of that phone could wake someone up out of a coma!

Stop calling dude, it's obvious he's not answering!

Re: Ugh, one of DH's friends!!!

  • I would take that phone and put it wherever DH is sleeping - away from the baby! Hope he wakes up soon, or the friend stops calling!
  • Can you turn down the volume or put it on vibrate?  The sound of DH (and my) cell phone ringing drives me crazy.
  • i would have answered it myself...
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