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postpartum hair

I lost a ton of hair when ds was 36? months. Some of it grew back, some didn't. The hair that did is still baby whispy sticking out all over , and I used to hair pin straight hair and now new hair is growing back weirdly wavy. The new hair looks so awful. I never stopped taking prenatal vitamins I'm still BFing. My hair stylist doesn't have much experience with this bad post partum hair and said just to wait for it to grow more but I've been waiting a year! Anyone else with bad post partum hair? Any suggestions besides thick headbands? Any products you use that help? Tia!
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Re: postpartum hair

  • I don't have any good ideas, mine just started falling out by the palmfuls: 18 months after ds was born: I don't get it! I am certain at this rate I will be bald in a month
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    I have the same problem. I just use barrettes or head bands :( sorry
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  • I am a hairdresser and I had really bad postpartum hair loss. I lost a lot on my nape and the whole perimeter around my face. I would say that it's about 4 inches long now and has a slight wave to it also. What has been working for me is using Redken All Soft shampoo and conditioner. It keeps the hair soft and helps the delicate new hair to not break so easily, avoid heat...especially a flat iron! After I shampoo and condition I use Bioloage Smooth & Shine Milk. This is a silicone base and gives the hair more slip to prevent pulling. Before I blow dry I use Redken All Soft Argan Oil! Keeps it shiny, healthy and smooth since its wavy and crazy. Try blow drying with a paddle brush if you have longer hair. Use a little hairspray to tame down the flyways. It's a no-fun process, but it is growing back!!
  • Thanks callaann27 I'm going to try those products stat!
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  • You're welcome! Let me know if you need help with any more suggestions or locations that sell those products! 
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