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Hi ladies- I apologize if this is a silly question or been asked before- I couldn't find it and don't have my anatomy scan until next Friday to ask but have been thinking about it a lot these past few days so I thought I would post here if that's ok.  I have/had a "large" SCH discovered at 10.5 weeks after a heavy bleed. Was on bed rest for 2 weeks and then have slowly increased activity level. At 14.5 weeks the SCH was the same size but stable. I'm now 19 weeks and have not had any bleeding/spotting for several weeks.

My history is that I had a planned C with DD due to placenta previa and after that my OB said I would be a good candidate for VBAC in future pregnancies unless there were circumstances warranting another C. I'm concerned that I will be benched if this SCH doesn't reabsorb- does anyone have any experience with this? TIA 

Tried for 2 years before diagnosed with DOR and low Progesterone. MC at 16 weeks in June 2010 (Told Placenta Previa contributed to the loss)
Mommy to one darling & amazing little girl :) Born September 9th 2011 (C-Section at 38 weeks for Placenta Previa)

Surprise!! EDD 12/13/13 (Hoping for a VBAC!) Off home bed rest  and now just monitoring a large SCH. Stable in size but not going away. SHRINK PLEASE!

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