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Sippy cup in crib?

The past couple of nights my DS has been waking up a couple of times during the night. He goes right back to sleep after drinking some water.

Is it ok to leave a sippy cup of water in the crib? Is this unsafe for any reason I'm not thinking of?

ETA I've been getting up to give him water but I want to know if I can just leave a sippy in the crib so I don't have to get up.
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Re: Sippy cup in crib?

  • I don't know the answer to this question, but for me, I wouldn't leave any food or drink alone with Ds unsupervised for long hours...
  • I do it sometimes during nap time. When she's done with, she usually throws it out of crib.

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  • my DS continued to wake up in the early morning when i stopped all bottles. the pediatrician suggested putting a sippy cup of water in his crib and this has worked beautifully. i put it in the top corner of his crib and I have seen him wake up, drink, and go back to sleep on the video monitor. his sippy cup is usually empty in the morning.

    my DH and i always have a glass of water on our nightstand every night because we get thirsty... it made perfect sense that our LO got thirsty overnight too! 
  • My pedi suggested it.

  • I would do it if DD did not spill water from it, but she likes to play with the spout and make it leak.
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  • Thanks ladies! I tried it last night and it was fine. : ]
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  • I just read somewhere that they recommended to put just water in the crib.  I'd let her.
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