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I'm looking for some experiences with the Paraguard IUD.  My 6wk pp appt is this Thursday and I'm considering this option.  Hearing a variety of pros and cons.  How has it been for you?

I had a Mirena between DD1 & 2 and developed some major insomnia.  Otherwise it was great.

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Re: Paraguard?

  • I have had Paraguard for 4 years and have been very happy with it.  It did make my periods slightly heavier.  My periods were always pretty light before the Paraguard, so a little bit heavier period has been no big deal for me.  Maybe TMI, but I do have some discharge and I've heard of others who have had this issue as well.  
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  • I have had paragard for 2 yrs then have gotten it out and have been trying to conceive with 3 miscarriages the last 1.5 yrs. I have a healthy son who I had no trouble conceiving who is 4. Am I saying my secondary infertility is caused by having paragard? I do not know but I have also talked to other moms on paragard who had the same issues with infertility after coming off paragard. Would I recommend it ? No if you plan on having more kids but this is just my experience. Everybody is different
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  • aglennaglenn member

    I had it for almost a year.  It did make my periods a little heavier and crampier, but it was not a huge difference.  However, I had to have it taken out because my body was trying to expel it.  That was extremely painful because it felt like labor contractions...not fun.  I had some inflammation that hung around for a while afterwards as well.  My body just said no thanks.

    From what my doctor said, though, it is rare for that to happen, so don't let it freak you out too much.  If I hadn't had that reaction I would have kept it in.

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  • I had a Mirena after DS1 with no problems and had no issues conceiving DS2. I then had a Mirena placed again after DS2. Ugh....nothing but issues with it that time. It got so bad that I had it taken out last October. I was having mood swings, hot flashes and periods every 14-21 days on average by the end of it.


    I used birth control pills from October until March. Still wasn't feeling normal...headaches, insomnia, and more. Then I had a Paragard placed in April. I was so worried about the heavy periods and cramping. My period is heavier than on birth control pills or Mirena, and I have one day of cramps....but they're not that bad. I only have 2 heavy days and then 2-3 light days. Period has been lasting about 5 not terribly long, in my opinion. I've been having periods every 24-28 days apart. I wish that would regulate to a consistent 28 days, and it may yet.

    Honestly, I think it's the best birth control I've had in years. No hormones....and I'm thankful for that. We may yet have one more child, but I'm not sure yet. It's nice to know I don't have to worry about it for awhile.

    I did have some increased discharge upon insertion for a few weeks, but it settled down and I'm back to normal. I would recommend it over Mirena anyday!

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  • Wally3Wally3 member
    I have only had mine for 6 months.  I had implantation bleeind for about 4 weeks.  I have only had 1 pp AF and it was heavier then usualbut I had lite periods before and it was still short like they had been in the past - 4 days.  After about a month I totally forget it is there and have no side effects.  For the first month I had camping and spotting.


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