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OB recommendations near Hillsborough (Durham, Chapel Hill)

Duke Women's Health Associates delivered my son at Duke Hospital and handled my miscarriage this spring.  For this pregnancy, I'd like to delivery somewhere else and am looking for new doctors.
Does anyone have any experience/recommendations for OBs and/or birthing centers nearby (namely Durham Regional or UNC)?
Thank you!
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Re: OB recommendations near Hillsborough (Durham, Chapel Hill)

  • I am actually a labor and delivery nurse at UNC and have had both of my babies there. It is a great place to deliver. Both the drs and the midwives that deliver there are amazing. I know you said you had an OB last time so I'm not sure if you would be open to the idea of a midwife but our midwife team is awesome! They provide prenatal care not only on campus but also at the Timberlyne office right off of 40. It is much more conveinant than coming to campus and dealing with parking. You would be in great hands with them and I think you would really enjoy your experience. Good luck! 
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  • Thanks!  I've actually heard good things about the TImberlyne office and may check it out.  
    I'd definitely be open to a midwife.  I'm leaning towards an epidural again, but would otherwise prefer a low-intervention birth, so that might be ideal for me.
    Thanks again! 
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  • Kerrymass,

      I would NOT use Women's Birth & Wellness Center, which is a birthing center in Chapel Hill.  I had a REALLY bad experience with them. They made it seem like a midwife would be in the room with you most of the time, which was important to me since it was my first child, and they hardly came in at all during my 16 hours of natural labor.  Then, when I had complications, they only saw me for like 5 minutes in the hospital (again they were even suppose to be there with me at the hospital).  The nurses and staff at UNC were a lot more there for me then them.  I would go anywhere but Women's Birth & Wellness Center.  I know I am when I have my second child!!  


    Hope this helps. 

  • Thanks for the input!
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  • lila20lila20 member
    My experience is the polar opposite of the negative review of the Women's Birth and Wellness Center posted here. They were hands off in terms of unnecessary interventions, but were present and very caring and competent. The nurses monitored the babies heartbeat regularly and the midwife helped me to find good labor positions. I did not tear at all in part because the midwife used warm compresses on my perineum. I also had a doula present at my birth, but I had wonderful care here and would much prefer to labor on my own than to have doctors and nurses bother me and pressure me into interventions ie pitocin, epidurals etc.
  • TBN13TBN13 member
    Just curious but why the change from Duke? 
  • TBN13 - long story, but here's the abbreviated version.

    With DS 1, I was very pleased w/ the doctors, but had some hospital/nursing concerns.  (Given pitocin without consent, didn't get a single vegetarian meal despite ordering them daily, got food poisoning from cafeteria pizza, strongly disliked 1 of our nurses - 25 hour labor, so I had a few)

    With my last pregnancy, I found out that I had lost the baby at my first ultrasound (it was a Thursday, I was 10w1d).  They only do d&cs on Fridays and Tuesdays.  They were already booked for Friday, so I had to wait until Tuesday.  On Sunday night, I started miscarrying at home. I was losing massive amounts of blood and called them Monday morning.  Waited forever for a call back.  Started becoming even more concerned and called the on-call doc who recommended going into the office (avoiding the ER because she said it was crowded and a nightmare if not necessary - despite me telling her how much blood I was losing - MUCH more than a pad an hour).  Eventually they got me into the doctors to check me (where I bled through 3 pads and my sweatpants on the walk to elevator), only to find out that what I had been telling them all along was true - that a person should not lose so much blood.  I had to be rushed to the ER, given an emergency D&C (where I had no nurse in the room, no curtain up so that I could see EVERYTHING, where I was shaking so bad from shock/blood loss that I had to be physically held down, I asked repeatedly for blankets and finally my husband went out into the hallway begging for help until I was given one, where the doctors seem more interested in how it was different doing the procedure in the dental ER room than in the normal clinic vs caring for me, the patient) and I ended up needing 2 units of blood + months of iron to replenish myself.  All and all, it was tramatic.  Not all of it was DWHA fault, but I still have anxiety when I walk into that building.  

    Since then, I've been back to DWHA and the doctors are, for the most part, good.  I just wish that I didn't need to kick and scream to get decent care.  And I think that I'd be more happy in a place without so many horrible memories.  
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  • (and sorry - my ticker is messed up - I'm 7 weeks pregnant w/ #2 - the baby the size of a "squash" was my loss in March)
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  • I go to Chapel Hill OBGYN / Women's Health Alliance. I use the nurse midwives and LOVE them! I am delivering at Durham Regional - I have had the best experience with them.
  • I am so sorry to hear of your loss and the negligent treatment you received at Duke. Entirely unacceptable!
    I loved the Women's Birth and Wellness Center, but I have also heard good things about the midwives at Women's Heath Alliance (delivering at Durham Regional) and at UNC. These might be two great options since you would like the option of an epidural, which the Women's Birth and Wellness Center does not offer.
    Good Luck!
  • Thank you!
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  • Chapel Hill is the only place in the state with a free standing birth center! I used one with my last pregnancy in FL and absolutely loved it and fully recommend it. If you're against birth centers and midwives, I would wholeheartedly suggest watching "The Business of Being Born" (available on Netflix!!) it is amazing.
  • Women's Health Alliance( fka Durham Women's Clinic), they are affiliated with Duke Regional( durham regional just changed their name!) and I've been going there for years for my regular GYN stuff. They've been around for a long time. This is my first baby and my experience has been excellent! Their Centering Pregnancy program is great too! Check them out. Super friendly, very smart and knowledgeable people who work there.
  • Another vote for Women's Health Alliance w/ delivery at Durham Regional. Had a great experience.

    [Deleted User]
  • I loved women's birth and wellness and plan to deliver there again. If I weren't delivering there I would definitely try out wha, though. One of the midwives from wbwc who I really liked left and works there now.
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