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S/o anniversaries

We have never done the traditional gifts. Surely we aren't the only ones? We usually just do dinner!

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Re: S/o anniversaries

  • Same here MrsG! Gifts cost money, and well, we'd rather have it in the bank. Haha!


  • This year for our anniversary I got my husband the traditional gift for the year but neither of us have done it before. I just happened to find something cool. 

  • We don't ever do gifts for each other. Typically anniversaries are dinner and a movie or something. Instead of gifts for birthdays and holidays, we agreed that each year we pick some new piece of furniture we want to upgrade and that covers it. Usually a big purchase, and there's nothing else we need or want really, so it works for us.
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  • We just do dinner. We give gifts on our Birthday's and Christmas. Most of the time those are practical things that we need. For Mother's and Father's day we bought a BOB and said it was a gift to both of us since we will both use it.
  • I don't but dh does. It's kind of cute. This year he got me a leather bracelet with all our names engraved on metal beads.
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  • Yeah, anniversaries are always dates and that's about it. One kid free evening,

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  • When we were dating our anniversary was NYE so we would go out. Our one year marriage anniversary was the day we brought Reese home from the hospital. MIL brought us dinner. My mom brought the top layer of our cake since it was in her freezer. It was delicious!!! This year we will go out to dinner on the actual day. It will be a celebration of the start of our marriage and our family now.
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  • I like the idea of using the traditional gifts as a point of departure. We've only had one wedding anniversary so far and h did a really great drawing for me he's an artist. It's actually in an exhibition now I want it back! But little things like dinners out, etc. is all we do. It's not a big deal to me.

  • Sounds like we are all pretty psyched to get dinner out, lol.

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  • Our 2nd anniversary is in two days. We are not doing gifts this year. Last year he got me a little card and I think that was it.
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  • we usually take trips. this year we are renewing our vows and bringing our son where we got engaged and vacationed as a couple cant wait!!
  • we don't do anything big. maybe dinner.  this year is 5 years though so maybe we'll up our game. 

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