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How ya feeling? Did you find out the sex of this LO? 
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Re: Swimiz

  • I am doing good! Cannot believe how fast this is going compared to last time lol. We did find out, it is a boy! How are you doing??
  • I know eh! It's going by sooooo quick!!
    Ah! A boy!!! So exciting!! Are you done at 2 now or do you plan on more?

    I'm doing great. Finally over the nausea!!!!! I feel pretty great now and sometimes it slips my mind that I'm pregnant, lol. I definitely love having a fall due date more than a summer due date.
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  • I am really on the fence about whether we are done. DH says we are, but I am still leaving the option for a third open. 

    I know what you mean, it completely slips my mind sometimes too! Honestly if it weren't for all the extra appointments I've had (Me being high risk, and finding out about Sam's cleft lip/palate has made us have a TON of appointments), I would seriously forget too! Especially because I have an anterior placenta and am STILL not feeling kicks!  

    Have you picked out a name yet??  

  • We kind of picked a name. Not 100 yet. Boy names are so freakin hard!!!
    I was like you, on the fence about a 3rd. But I knew I'd regret it in the future if I only had 2. It's a tough decision. Darn kids, hehehe.
    How's Lena doing? She's so cute!
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  • Oh boy names are ridiculously hard! We could not agree on anything, and finally DH just gave up and told me to pick whatever I wanted, and I still could not decide! And you have already had to come up with 2 of them, I cannot imagine trying to find another!

    Aw thanks! Lena is good, she is finally walking! It only took her 23.5 months lol. Now we are working on speech, but she is doing really well. How are the boys doing? 

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • ::butting in::

    Swimiz! I didn't see you were having a boy!


    BFP #1 10/28/09 EDD 06/24/10- Miscarriage 11/2/09
    BFP #2 11/30/09 EDD 08/12/10- Sophia Grace born 8/1/10
    BFP #3 11/16/10 EDD 08/04/11- Samuel Richard born 7/28/11
    BFP #4 01/04/12 EDD 09/19/12- Simon Nathaniel born 9/6/12
    BFP #5 03/27/13 EDD 11/25/13- Savannah Lee born 11/18/13
  • Congratulations on your little boy :-) That is what we are hoping for this time around. Only time will tell!! 


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