anyone else going through, or have gone through, the 5th wonder week? — The Bump
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anyone else going through, or have gone through, the 5th wonder week?

After the hell that was the 19 wonder week and 4 month sleep regression, we had a couple of weeks of amazingness (STTN, easy happy days) and right at 22.5 weeks DS started getting cranky, especially if I am not around.  I haven't seen any posts about this wonder week, as opposed to the multiple posts daily during the previous ones.  For those of you who have reached this leap, has it not been as bad or do you think you're just able to handle it better?  
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Re: anyone else going through, or have gone through, the 5th wonder week?

  • Things got bad around week 17 for me and now at 22 weeks 3 days it's not looking much better!  I'm exhausted, cranky and not entirely sure what my next steps are.  I woke this morning not entirely sure how many times DS woke in the night.  Days and nights just mash together now.  Lol!  Good luck!
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  • 26 weeks is the 5th mental leap right? (I Googled.)

    DS turned 26 weeks yesterday and he started army crawling/pulling himself along the blanket to get to his toys this past week. The past 2-3 days he's been up on his hands and knees rocking. From what I read this Wonder Week is all about becoming more mobile and being able to perceive distances. Sounds about right for DS.

    He's been a tad more easily fussy at times and has been fighting his naps more. He wants to DO stuff... he wants to be on the floor 'crawling' or sitting up in my lap or chewing on my face/arms/fingers.

    He WAS consistently going down for bed between 7pm and 8:30pm for awhile, but the last 5 or 6 days I haven't been able to get him down before 10pm... the day he got his shots he was up partying at midnight. STTN hasn't changed... meaning he does it 2-3 times a week, but will otherwise wake 1-3 times a night. No extra fussiness and goes right back to sleep, no problems (except the night he got his shots). 

    Maybe this is an easy week? Or I am completely wrong about what this week entails and I haven't hit it yet? I don't generally follow them but I thought I'd give my input since DS is that age.


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