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I told my parents today

I wasn't planning on telling them, but today was the day I was going to tell them I was preg.  I had a shirt for my son to wear saying he was going to be a big brother...  It is my mom's birthday.. it would have been so sweet.  Well pretty much as soon as I saw her, I started crying and I told her about my whole week.  And then she told me something I never knew, in the 27 years of my life.  Before she had me (I'm the oldest) she had her own m/c.  How did I not know this??  Why was so shamed to talk about it.  So many people that I have told end up telling me about them having one too. 
I'm glad I told her, I'm glad that we were able to related to each other...  it was something special.  Thank you girls for being there so much for me this week!! 

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Re: I told my parents today

  • I am sorry about both of your losses but glad that you were able to bond and share your experiences with each other. Sending up a prayer to heal your broken heart!
  • Thank you for sharing your story. It reminds me once again that I am not alone.
    Today is the day I was going to share with my whole family at a reunion, and I'm having trouble even wanting to see everyone. My stepmother also shared with me last night that she's had a loss too, but has never told any of her children.
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