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Are you planning on getting one or have one?  And what age did you start using them.  I hate to spend the money on another big baby item, but I was thinking it might help "wear out" my LO who is a cranky non-napper.  And would be good for other reasons as well.  What are your thoughts about them?

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  • Out of everything we bought, swing, rocker/bouncer, activity mat...it's what we've used the most (well DS liked the activity mat too) but now DS always wants to be on his feet. We use it probably twice a day. Once in the AM while DH and I get ready for work and once when we get home. He LOVES jumping!

    I wish we would have skipped the swing and rocker/bouncer all together. He only used those a handful of times.  

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  • =Lee=B=Lee=B member

    We bought a jolly jumper (hang from door frame) a few weeks back and just got an exersaucer as well. The exersaucer doesn't bounce but spins.

    My main reason for both was to get her off her back/head as much as possible.  Both do have a longer life span than other baby items (up to a year or so).  We bought them early to maximize their use.

    So far my daughter loves both and uses them for 20-30min once or twice a day.


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  • PhoopyPhoopy member
    DS was starting to hate just being on his back (even though he did love his activity mat) at about 13 weeks... He's 16 weeks now and we've been using the rainforest jumperoo for a couple of weeks and its his favorite thing! He uses it twice a day, each time max 20 mins but he'd stay much longer if we'd let him. He's early to be in a jumperoo I think (we have a huge atlas under his feet as he can't reach the floor fully), but has been very strong since birth and doesn't slump in there. Overall one of best purchases despite the room it takes up in our tiny apartment!
  • We got a jumperoo off of Craigslist for $25. It is practically brand new and DS LOVES IT.

    I washed the seat cushion and cleaned it off before he started using it, which was about 3 weeks ago or so.

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  • eb1113eb1113 member

    We have a jumper and DD loves it!!  She loves jumping.  My oldest DD loved it too.  (She still tries to climb in it, only to get stuck...).  

    We just bought an exersaucer at a garage sale, which I just finished cleaning up.  DD loves that too.  

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  • Personally, I think they have the same effect of a johnny jumper, and those cost 10 bucks. Maybe fifteen. At this late in the game, your LO may only like it for tops 6 months, so unless you know for sure LO is going to like it, I would pass.

    But, I am a budget freak. We wear our DD out by doing lots of floor time, singing, playing peek-a-boo, counting toes. Really a lot of one on one. I only use the extras like swings or chairs when I need to get something done and DH or DD1 can't help me with DD2. 

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  • I had a Baby Einstein on for DS1 (among everything else) and he HATED it. I couldn't put him in there for more than 2 minutes before he was screaming to get out. He didn't like the bouncy or the swing either. I continued to try but he never took to it. It was one of the first things I got rid of when he officially grew out of it.

    DS2, I was apprehensive about buying any of the standard "baby gear" because DS1 hated everything and I thought that maybe he would to and I would waste my money. However, FI's mom bought a jumperoo for him and he loves it. He loves to use his legs and he loves to sit up versus reclining back. He will spend hours in that jumperoo if we let him. He will sometimes even sleep in it. We started to use it at 3 1/2 months (and put books underneath)

    It definitely does wear him out. He will go nuts in it. He shakes the jumperoo, he jumps so hard. But he just giggles and laughs over it. We have a couple of videos of him doing it because he just cracks us up. So right now, I love the jumperoo but if you were to have asked me when DS1 was a baby, I'd say don't waste your money. It just goes to show that each baby is different, and you never know what they will and will not like. 

    I'd suggest buying one from Once Upon A Child or another second hand jumperoo, thoroughly clean it and then try it out. You can get them for 50+% off of retail that way. 

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  • I bought one from a buy sell trade group, and even though she's a little small for it, she loves it! We stick a textbook under her feet and a blanket in front of her since she's a tiny peanut.

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  • We have one, started using at 4 months (for a few minutes at a time).  We use it now maybe 2-3 times per week and for about 20 minutes (or less) each time.  SHe likes it, but doesn't LOVE it.  Her feet also don't reach the bottom yet so it's really just to play with the toys on top and keep her occupied while I do a few quick tasks.
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