Neosure and vomiting

I'm in a rut. Our 24 weeker now 46 weeker is suppose to go home Friday . Well now she is on neosure 24 calorie and is having projectile vomiting at times and taking very low volumes. She also got a shot yesterday. So I'm in a tizzy. Anyone else have trouble with neosure with their preemie? Any advice? We r sooo close to going home and now it's on hold :
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Re: Neosure and vomiting

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    Ask dr's if they think it's reflux.
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    My dd had the same issue. She has reflux, but she also has a milk intolerance. Milk is the first ingredient in neosure. Have you tried nutramigen? It's hypo alergenic. Once we started that the vomiting stopped within 36 hours.
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    I agree with checking for reflux. That's what DS had and the whole time he was on formula, we had to use Enfamil AR.
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    Feed her very slowly.  A 2 oz bottle of neosure should take 15 -20 mins.  Make sure to burp her frequently and kep her upright for 20 mins after eating.  My dd used to projectile vomit neosure until she was about 3 months and then the vomiting and extereme gassiness from it just stopped.
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