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RE recommendations?

I'm looking for a referral for a reproductive endocrinologist.  DH and I have been struggling with secondary infertility for almost 3 years and after being with the same clinic/doctor for over 2 years, we're ready for a second opinion.  We were initially unexplained but current diagnosis is high FSH/little or no response to stimulation.

Thanks in advance. 

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Re: RE recommendations?

  • Not sure if this will help since I'm in Akron, but we went to Reproductive Gynecology Inc (RGI), based in Akron Summa.  We really liked our doctor and the group there.  My doc there performed my surgery for endometriosis and was able to get it all out while saving my ovaries.  He is amazing.  However, I am not that familiar with what an endocrinologist may do so I may not be helping!  You deserve to find someone you can work well with.  
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  • I have seen Dr. Barry Peskin for the past year, he is amazing and I am currently pregnant (after 5 long years) thanks to him and his amazing staff.


    I also did Chiropractice/Accupuncture with Dr. Rick Sullivan in Willoughby and that helped as well!


    Good Luck!  

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  • i second Dr. Peskin's group. 

    i was treated *SUCCESSFULLY* by Brooke Rossi of that same practice. I would go there over and over agian

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  • I luckily did not have to go this route but have heard nothing but great things from many women about Dr. Barry Peskin, although he may not be taking new fertility patients, but don't quote me on that.
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  • Late to the party, but I third Dr. Peskin's group at UH. I see Dr. Goldfarb, the head of the fertility center there and love him. We just met Dr. Peskin when he performed our insemmination, and after two years and 3 REs we are expecting our first in April!

    Good luck to you!

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  • We've been with Reproductive Gynecology since January 2013. We mainly go to the Canfield/Youngstown office but we've been to the Akron office several times. We've seen every doctor in the practice though Dr. Moretuzzo is our doc. They are all great-the entire staff. We've not had a bad experience with them yet. I highly recommend them!
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