3rd Trimester

Weird sensation

Sorry if this is TMI...I'm almost 38 weeks pregnant with my first,and the majority of the time when I pee I feeling a popping or a dropping sensation...no pain or bleeding at all...any clue what that is?

Re: Weird sensation

  • Hmm. Odd. Could be your bladder emptying and baby plopping down on the empty organ? Air bubbles as you evacuate your bladder?

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  • I honestly have no clue? Hopeful it will subside but as of now no pain or bleeding...guess I'll wait it out until my doctors appointment Thursday to ask.
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  • sounds like baby's head dropping down to take up the space of your now emty bladder
  • cheapocheapo member
    I had that too. but not when i pee, just random.  I wonder.  I'm going to ask this Friday when I see my midwife.
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