Friend adopting a 1 year old! What does she need?

My friends got the call last night that their adoption of a 1 year old has been approved and they can pick her up next week. They really don't have much stuff because they have been on a roller coaster and did not think they would get approved.

For those of you who adopted older babies, what do they need. I want to send her a gift box of "necessities" but we adopted a newborn, so I have no idea what older babies are in need of!

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Re: Friend adopting a 1 year old! What does she need?

  • A good an Ergo. That baby will need to be held and snuggled and parented like an infant for the first several weeks/months.
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  • It's going to be very similar. She'll still need things like diapers, maybe formula, most likely bottles. Ditto the Ergo or another good carrier. Age appropriate toys, finger foods, sippy cups, books. Socks!
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    Agree with others, also think toddler plates, silverware, pacifiers, toothbrush/paste, cd's, educational toys, and clothes.

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  • Lurker here.  I have not adopted (yet) but I have a 13 month old son. 

     Things we use every day:  sippy cup, high chair, plastic bibs, diapers (size 4), wipes, clothes, books (longer board books like Sandra Boynton and books with identifiable pictures for learning new words), stroller, white noise machine, sun hats, sun block, ball popper toy. 

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    Convertible carseat would be #1. Baby gates, outlet covers and other baby proofing stuff b/c he/she is probably crawling at least. Some type of lovey, like the ones with a small stuffed animal attached to a small blanket.

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  • Sandra Boynton books are pretty much the best. Books can get so monotonous; it's really nice to have plenty! DS learned to climb out of his crib at 17 mos, so a bed rail has been invaluable for us, especially when we travel, as he is able to climb out of his pack n play.
  • we adopted DS at almost 2 years old. Things we used were:

     an Ergo carrier- it holds up to 40 pounds, and he really liked being carried in it when we first came home. I think it made him feel more "Safe"

     a high chair/booster seat- the Fisher Price space saver is great, because it will grow with the baby as she gets a little bigger


    toddler snacks

     sippy cups, toddler plates, toddler silverware

     convertible car seat

     toys for that age

    a stroller... I LOVE my city mini! sturdy, but pretty light weight, plus super easy to fold


  • We adopted ds at 2.5 and things we needed/used a lot were:

    1. Carseat
    2. Mei Tai carrier AMAZING for bonding
    3. Booster seat with straps for dinner table
    4. Kids plates/silverware/sippy cups
    5. Clothes
    6. Toys
    7. Toy bins
    8. Bed/sheets/blankets
    9. Child proofing stuff
    10. Books!

    If you're looking to get them toys, get ones that encourage the child to engage the parents, books are great for that. With older ones you sometimes need to "train", for lack of a better word, them to be dependent on you, to bond and attach to you in a parent/child type of relationship.
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