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Champagne after delivery

Anyone thinking of doing this? I had my girlfriends over tonight and the 3 who've been pregnant said champagne after delivery is a must. They did it after the doctors and nurses left and said it helped their milk come in.

I like the idea but at the same time I would feel like a teenager hiding liquor from my parents, as I'm sure if a doctor or nurse caught us it wouldn't go over well.



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Re: Champagne after delivery

  • care99care99 member
    To each their own, but champagne was the last thing I wanted after delivery (I have 2 children).  With my first, DH and I brought an expensive bottle of wine to the hospital in order to have some celebratory drinks, but it came home with us unopened.  I actually don't think we drank it until he was 3 - since I've had kids, I'm good for a glass or so and that's it!
  • I plan to have a celebratory glass of champagne after LO is born when the timing is appropriate. My great grandma told my mother to drink a beer to help with her supply when she was bfing me but I don't know if this is OWT or fact.
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  • The hospital I'm delivering at gives you a celebration dinner that is really nice and they give you a bottle of champagne to celebrate with. So I don't have to worry about it :] 

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  • DH will likely have a bottle & glasses on hand, but when we open it depends on how I feel post delivery, etc....  He's also supposed to have send out for a platter of my favorite nigiri & sashimi immediately - heavy on the tuna... Angel

    Our hospital does a lobster & filet dinner w/champagne for the parents the last night in the hospital, so I guess they feel champagne is somewhat acceptable at that point.  Perhaps the lactation consultant will also teach me proper pump & dump technique.  ha!

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  • Having a tall glass of bubbly after having a baby sounds great in theory, but in practice I think it'd be the last thing on my mind in the moment! The two days in the hospital after DD was born went by in a flash, and the only "libation" on my must imbibe list was a huge, hot, black, and strong cup of coffee.



  • The last thing I'm going to want to do is have a glass of champagne. You're an exhausted, sore, swollen, bloody, stitched up mess (well, I was).And all I wanted to do was spend time with and stare at my LO (in between trying to nap). I'll have a glass of champagne...once I get home and things calm down.

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  • J&PJaxJ&PJax member
    It does sound nice, but like some PPs said, that would have been the last thing on my mind after delivery.  I was starving, thirsty, exhausted, and overwhelmed.  Cheers to those who are up for it though!
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  • lp0lp0 member
    The hospital I'm delivering at gives you a celebration dinner that is really nice and they give you a bottle of champagne to celebrate with. So I don't have to worry about it :]nbsp;

    This! We got an awesome steak dinner with champagne. Now if only MIL got the hint to get the fluck out so we could enjoy our special dinner privately that would have been great. But she dragged her feet so much that we finished eating and she said "well since your done I can stay longer". But DH kicked out quite rudely, he was pissed.
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  • imagemalamutemommy:

    The hospital I'm delivering at gives you a celebration dinner that is really nice and they give you a bottle of champagne to celebrate with. So I don't have to worry about it :] 

    This. I think I had a few sips. 

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  • If everything goes smoothly, why not? But if there are complications or bad tearing and you are on strong pain killers, you might not want to mix it all together. I ended up pretty drugged up with Norco. My hospital gave us a bottle of sparkling martinellis which was perfect :-)  
  • I totally thought I'd want a glass of champagne and a brownie after I gave birth the first time around (I had GD). I didn't, at all. I mostly just wanted FOOD, and since it was after-hours, all I got was a couple packets of graham crackers. But, man oh man, those were the best graham crackers ever in the entire world. 

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  • When I gave birth to my DD the nurses said we could use their fridge to put champagne in for after birth.
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  • The barley in beer does help milk supply. It is temporary as long as it is in your system. When I was nursing I would drink a beer and become so engorged it hurt!
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  • I've never heard of this! I'm a FTM so maybe that's why, but I'm sure my hospital doesn't offer a fab dinner and champagne the last night. That's great though! Who knows how I'll feel, I'm sure hungry like other stated, can't imagine I'll want some champagne though.


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  • I just want some of that sweet, sweet percocet like last time after I had ds. No alcohol needed. Honestly, I was in labor with pitocon kicking my a$$ for over 12 hrs, I was too exhausted to think about drinking. 


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  • I'll probably spend the first 18 to 24 hours puking, so I probably won't be drinking.
  • imagesehart3478:
    I plan to have a celebratory glass of champagne after LO is born when the timing is appropriate. My great grandma told my mother to drink a beer to help with her supply when she was bfing me but I don't know if this is OWT or fact.

    I think dark beer helps with milk production.   

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  • Absolutely! We did after our DD was born and had pink frosted cupcakes that I baked the day before my induction with our families to celebrate. You really don't need that much energy to sip on bubbly;) 


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  • It's not for me. I think I would seriously side eye someone sneaking any type of alcohol into a hospital but to each their own I guess.

    Although when my youngest was born April 2012, we got home from the hospital around 7pm. We put our older two girls to bed and my aunt and uncle came over so H and I sat out in our front porch with them and had a celebratory beer. I could only manage half but it was wonderful.

    ETA. I have no problem with it if the hospital allows it but I know the one in my city doesn't. I would side eye the teenager like sneaking not the want of said drink.
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  • Whoo hoo bring on December and the champers!
  • I love champagne but had a CS with my DS and was told that any type of carbonation would make my gas pains in my shoulder worse. Plus I was so heavily medicated I would have worried how the alcohol would affect me. Big plans to enjoy some bubbly once we are home though!
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  • If I were to do it I would probably wait at least 2 hours after delivering due to already having a risk of bleeding I don't want to exacerbate the situation and add a drink or two to that. I don't know how the nursing staff would take it though so I will just wait till I get home and enjoy a glass!
  • We had champagne last time and will this time. It took us a day to have a quiet moment just the three of us but it was it was so nice. I guess if wine and champagne weren't the things I miss most during pregnancy then maybe I wouldn't do it either.
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  • I had a cs and I had a dark beer the day after my delivery. Our pedi said it was fine and said many women drink dark beer to help their milk come in.  I have to say I felt kinda naughty when one of the nurses came in to check on me and I was sipping my beer.  I would have had one the night of delivery but they still were only letting me drink small amounts of water and ice chips.  I was sooo thirsty!!
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  • SigirSigir member
    For my one year old we brought my fave bottle of wine and enjoyed it in the delivery room w family. It was great and fun.

    I say if it sounds appealing to you bring it... You can always not open it if you feel ill.
  • At the hospital where I delivered DD and will deliver this one, they also give the new parents a champagne dinner the night before you are discharged. It's honestly just a small personal bottle, one for you and one for DH. I actually don't believe I drank mine then, because I was all nervous about having to nurse. I will probably be more relaxed and willing to partake this time. ;)
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  • Honestly, the last thing I wanted after giving birth was alcohol.  And I love a good glass of wine, champagne or prosecco.    I was chugging water and those little juice cups like it was my job though.  If you want to celebrate with champagne after labor and delivery by all means enjoy it.  However, don't be surprised if you have no desire to do so. 
  • ktox61ktox61 member
    I ended up in the hospital for a week after I had my DD. St. Patrick's day was three days after I had her so my parents and friends brought in Guinness for all of us to drink. It was a good break in the monotony of being stuck in the hospital and a good distraction. Plus stout beers are great for nursing and help with milk production. While I think champagne is a great idea I know I would prefer a beer!
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  • A lot of hospitals restrict delivering moms from eating while they're in labor.  So you could potentially be going hours and hours without food.  Then you put down some champagne after eating next to nothing.  Everything about that sounds unpleasant to me.
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  • I've heard beer for helping your milk come in. I have no idea if that's true though lol
  • I was born at four in the morning on New Year's Eve.  My mom had gone into labor early in the evening of December 30th, so it had been a long and arduous process to get me into the world.  After I was born, my Dad went home, took a shower, got changed and came back, bringing with him a bottle of champagne for that evening.  He asked the nurse if it was ok.  She was incredulous that he would even bother to ask for permission, basically giving him a look like, "if your wife wants it after what she went through, why are you even asking?  Just give the lady what she wants." They shared the bottle with the other couple that had delivered earlier in the day. 

    I've known this story since I was little.  DH always buys me a bottle of good champagne for my b-day.  I saved the one from this year for the day I give birth, probably because I know what happened on my bday.
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