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 APs who have adopted from Hague countries, does anyone know if the education courses are the same for all Hague countries/agencies or if they vary? We can't update our home study until the end of summer, but I would like to take the online classes so we can be as ready as possible. Thank you! 

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  • We had to do ten hours for Hague compliance plus one additional hour our agency required. Our agency had specific classes we had to take. We couldn't pick and choose. So, I think each agency makes their own rules as to which classes you need to do out of the ones that are Hague compliant. Some may let you choose and others like ours require specific ones.
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  • I would check with your agency. Ours had specific classes as well as having us read "the connected child" and write a report. We didn't have any choice about it.
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  • We had to take 10 hours for our agency requirements.  They had one class that everyone is required to take (and we found it extremely beneficial), but we were able to choose the others.  It ended up working out great for us--we could really choose things that would educate us the most instead of having others choose for us.

    One class that we really loved was about nutrition (since our child will most likely have some nourishment issues coming from Africa). It gave us so much helpful info and even connected us with the Spoon Foundation ( which we found to be REALLY beneficial as we learn how to prepare and best meet the needs of our child.  :)

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  • Thanks, everyone. I'm glad I asked--looks like I'll just have to wait :) Our last adoption was independent, and we haven't chosen a country/placing agency for #2 yet...we are just hoping a waiting child falls into our laps like our son did :) 
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