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Inside activities

So far we have done rice sensory bin, paint in a plastic bag, and crayons for the windows. Any other ideas?
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Re: Inside activities

  • Cloud Dough.  Mix flour w/ baby oil in a big bin (Google recipe or if you're on Pinterest it is on there).  You can mold it with cups and sand toys. 
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  • If your LO doesn't put everything in his mouth, dice rolling is a big hit at my house.  Of course DH is a gamer so we don't just have standard 6 sided dice.  It seriously entertained my kids for an hour and a half the other day and DD was laughing hysterically the entire time.

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  • Do you have an account with Pinterest? If not, I highly recommend you start one. There's sooooo much awesome stuff on there! You could also lurk on the Crafty Moms board. We post up all kinds of things besides sewing/knitting/crochet. Wink

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