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Capitol Complex Child Care?

There's an old, inactive thread on here from 2010 on the state's Capitol Complex Child Care (run in conjunction with Rosewood Oaks Primary) but I am finding no other recent info!

 I'm a new/re-hired state employee and am wondering about sending our child, due late November there. It's across the street and very affordable, but how is it? Thanks!!  

Re: Capitol Complex Child Care?

  • Not sure, however I would recommend dropping by for a surpise visit. I don't want to scare you, but from my experience daycares are not ideal for newborns. The raito is at least 4:1 in TX and they are not able to get to every baby. I toured one and babies were crying for 45 mins straight. I would recommend getting a nanny for the first year if you can afford it.
  • I was wondering the same thing (I'm also a state worker) and I found some stuff by searching for Rosewood Oaks Primary (Downtown). Here is their Yelp review page:

    And their Dept. of Family and Protective Services page:

    I know a few people from work have used them and have given decent reviews, but from the outside it sure looks depressing! I'm thinking of stopping by for a tour, though the things I read on the above pages have made me leery. 
  • Is this the daycare that's on Lavaca and 15th St?  Way before having my baby I stopped by with a coworker that was looking into this daycare for her child. I also worker across the street from it. On our visit we sneaked a peek into the infant room and we saw a worker that was clearly annoyed by an infant crying. The poor infant was super red in the face from crying  non stop, you could tell he had been crying for awhile. The worker sighed and looked annoyed because she saw us looking at her and had no choice but to pick up the crying baby. I felt horrible for the baby and had to stop myself from running to pick up the baby and comfort him. I would not recommend this daycare.
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