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Postpartum Depression

DH makes me feel like I might have PPD

We got in a fight this am because I forgot a wet diaper out and dog ate it; clearly not all what the fight was about.  He says I have no respect for the house, I don't finish anything, and I'm miserable to be around.  I don't entirely see all this; I agree I leave a lot of things undone, but I feel like I'm trying to do everything and I get distracted, forget, or need to tend to DS. And now I can't stop crying. BUT on any other given day, I feel great.  I think I'm happy I love taking care of DS, so I don't suspect ppd.  Could I be missing it? 

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Re: DH makes me feel like I might have PPD

  • well, I'm not a doctor, but I think that it's more of a marital issue than a PPD issue. I would definitely bring this up to your doctor, because it still needs to be addressed. I think that your husband needs to be a little more understanding and give you a break. A happy healthy LO is so much more important than a clean house, and he shouldn't be giving you grief over the dog eating a diaper. You know what, dogs do that, and i'm sure you wouldn't call him out if he were to leave a diaper out because he was distracted. Let him take over for a day, see how much he gets done.
  • Definitely agree with the previous poster, and you would know if you had PPD. When I had it, I literally could not get up out of bed to take care of LO....my H had to stay home for a week from work so I could get a break and let the medication start to kick in, I was having insane anxiety attacks, wouldn't eat, cried constantly and thought my world was coming to an end. I was completely and utterly exhausted and had lost interest in the baby. 

    As for your crying, that sounds like normal baby blues that is exacerbated by your H and what he is saying to you. He definitely needs to give you a break. When I was on maternity leave, the house was a mess. I was nursing around the clock and trying to rest when the baby rested. I *thought* I would be able to keep the house clean, cook every night, etc. Nope! I was sorely mistaken. Hang in there mama.  

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  • You and DH need to have a talk...because he's the one who needs to chill out! You are doing the best you can just like all of us!

  • My DH can act like an *** too. lol. It's not you. Stay tough and try to comunicate your needs. Sometimes men need to realize life is not all about clean laundry and dishes. Babies need ALOT of care and they sometimes don't understand this concept for a while. 

    Hope yours "gets it" soon!


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