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Short Term Disability - Not through employer?

My employer does not offer short term disability. I've asked if there was anything they could do with Aflac, even if I had to pay but they won't provide it. Does anyone have any recommendations for STD that you get without your employer that covers maternity?

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Re: Short Term Disability - Not through employer?

  • I bought my own AFLAC policy and it was pretty reasonable.  If you go to their website you can find a local office to set it up with.
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  • How long ago was that? I was just on their site today and it says I have to go through my employer. I'm really hoping that I can.
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  • FemShepFemShep member
    A local insurance agent can help you.  Additionally, you may want to check your state for benefits; some states offer short-term disability coverage.
  • I have been looking into the exact same  thing! everyone I talked to was like no way we don't do that! crazy. thank you for posting, hopefully there will be lots of helpful answers! I checked with aflac and metlife, both said it had to be through employer as they both stopped doing individual policys :(

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  • Hmmm I got mine about a year and a half ago (might have been a little longer). I did have to set up an automotic payment through my payroll to get the policy, but my employeeer does not offer it as a benefit in any way they just send them their money.
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  • I do contract work and have no benefits offered through my employer.  I called Aflac just a few days ago and they said they do not offer individual plans- only through an employer.  I have contacted every insurance agency I can seem to find and no one offers short-term disability for maternity leave from work.  They only offer policies that will cover possible complications during pregnancy.



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